Christina Tosi and Ball Brand celebrate the idea of made for more

Milk Bar Founder, Christina Tosi partners with the Makers of Ball® Home Canning Products to launch the Made For More Small Business Fund to award $110,000 in small business grants.Photo credit: Milk Bar
Milk Bar Founder, Christina Tosi partners with the Makers of Ball® Home Canning Products to launch the Made For More Small Business Fund to award $110,000 in small business grants.Photo credit: Milk Bar /

Christina Tosi and Ball Brand are paying it forward this holiday season.

For Christina Tosi, sweet inspiration comes from a blend of nostalgia and innovation. With the help of Ball Brand, this holiday season will be filled with more opportunities to fill those mason jars with sweet treats. Through the Made for Small Business Fund, small businesses can receive the help that they need to continue to flourish.

Sometimes the simple ideas can be the ones that are the most endearing. Similar to grandma’s recipe that has been handed down through generations, some cooking techniques and kitchen essentials can be the methods that seem make everything just taste sweeter.

After a year that no one could have predicted, many small businesses have and will continue to struggle. While companies strive to keep their doors open, the difficulties are more than just paying that next utility bill. With much effort put towards the business, the creativity that makes a small business successful can be diminished.

Through the Made For Small Business Fund, Ball Brand home canning products and Christina Tosi have joined forces to assist some small businesses. To help and highlight these deserving companies, small businesses are encouraged to enter via,

While exact details can be found online, each business is asked to share how “business is contributing to the community and incorporates Ball brand home canning products.” Then, the 20 finalists will be narrowed down to the top 10 through America’s vote.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Christina Tosi about this partnership with Ball Brand as well as how she uses mason jars in her kitchen. The Milk Bar founder, and celebrated chef, wows foodies with her impeccable creations. While her treats often have innovative flavors, the whimsy in each bite often draws people to the sweet experience.

Tosi believes that this year, more people will “turbocharge” the baking and sweet creations in the kitchen. She mentioned that since more people have gained confidence in the kitchen, they will be ready to tackle even more recipes.

In addition, Tosi feels that this holiday season will be filled with more special moments. While baking is always made with love, these special treats will be sent from the heart. That treat given to others has an even greater purpose.

One food trend that seems to be growing is the individual desserts. That layered dessert in the classic mason jar is more than just another dessert.

For Tosi, she feels that those individual desserts have a “bespoke” feel. Adding to that special, unique feel, there is an idea that everyone has their own little indulgence and it adds to the experience.

Tosi believes that that custom treat shows how much the maker cares. She mentioned that the gift says, “I got you. I see you, I care about you.” Sometimes that emotion is even more special than the treat inside the container.

Tosi believes that food brings people together in a sense of community. From her social media platforms where she shares recipe ideas to even individuals who connect within their own communities, food is that universal language that brings people together.

In her option, Tosi believes that food is “an invitation into creativity and inspiration” as well as a way to express individuality. Just recently, Tosi shared a simple rock candy recipe using the Ball mason jars. While each version can be customized, it is an activity that sparks a conversation while everyone makes their own treat.

And, that mason jar can be re-purposed after the one use. From turning it into a planter or a snow globe or reused in the spring canning, that mason jar becomes one of the most useful tools in the pantry.

While the home cook appreciates the mason jar versatility, small business owners use it as well. From that local bakery that sells roasted nuts with the spice blend that is irresistible to the layered trifle that is almost too pretty to eat, the mason jar is two fold. It holds that delicious bite and it is a gift to be re-purposed in your kitchen.

For Tosi, she believes that small business exemplifies that creativity and ingenuity. She believes that “small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities.” From this special program to individuals making purchases from those businesses, everyone can come together to make a difference.

While much conversation is made about supporting small business during the holiday, the support doesn’t end when the calendar page turns. January is often a slow time for many businesses, especially bakers and restaurants. Anything that consumers can so to make a purchase and show support is appreciated.

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If you would like to learn more about the Made For More Small Business Fund, please visit the website or visit the Ball Brand pages on social media.

Christina Tosi is a celebrated chef and the founder of Milk Bar.

When you see a mason jar, does it spark some creativity? Sometimes an empty jar can hold limitless possibilities.