Pedialyte Sport is designed specifically for sport hydration

Pedialyte Sport, photo provided by Pedilyte Sport
Pedialyte Sport, photo provided by Pedilyte Sport /

To fuel performance, Pedialyte Sport is the drink for sport hydration.

Changing the sport hydration game, Pedialyte Sport is ready to fuel everyone’s athletic performance. While many athletes have used Pedialyte as their hydration secret, this sport specific beverage is a game changer for both athletes, weekend warriors and those who look fuel their athletic endeavors. Without smart hydration, you could be two steps behind.

Although everyone has long heard about drinking a specified amount of water every day, athletes have a different perspective on hydration. Beyond overall good health, hydration fuels performance. From achieving the next level of performance to mental agility, hydration impacts each and every aspect. For all those hours in the gym to pay dividends, every component must be at its peak.

For years, many professional athletes have been drawn to Pedialyte for its hydration benefits. Just like parents would give children Pedialyte when they need extra fluids, many trainers subscribed to the idea that Pedialyte can help athletes replenish the fluids that they need to perform.

With the tag line, outsmart your limits, this Pedialyte Sport looks to set its own path. With three times the electrolytes and ¼ the sugar of other sports drinks, the brand considers itself advanced hydration.

Recently, Barbara Marriage, PhD, RD, Global Science Lead, Abbott’s nutrition business (the company behind Pedialyte Sport), graciously gave her insight on this beverage innovation.

Marriage acknowledged that “Athletes have been using our original Pedialyte formulas for years.” Still, this particular beverage is different from other formulas.

Marriage said, “Pedialyte Sport has been scientifically designed with an optimal balance of glucose and electrolytes for hydration before working out/exercise and for fast rehydration after working out. Pedialyte replenishes the fluid and electrolytes lost due to sweat. Pedialyte can replace the levels of sodium and chloride found in our sweat while also providing the fluid that our cells need for optimal health. Beverages that offer too little electrolytes or not enough carbohydrates are not designed for sport hydration.”

As athletes have learned, finding that balance is important to performing at their best levels. For athletes, their training pushes their bodies in different ways and beverages need to respect that work.

Since athletes are different, Marriage shared, “Because athletes are losing much more fluid and electrolytes during training or exercise when compared to the average person at school or work, it’s imperative to replace what is lost. Electrolytes in sweat are very important for body temperature regulation, fluid balance in the body, and signaling between the nerves and muscles – all essential for athletes in training or competition. While sodium and chloride are the main players in sweat electrolytes, there are other minor ones lost as well, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. These electrolytes can be replenished in not only the beverages that an athlete drinks, but also in foods such as fruits, vegetables and dairy foods.”

While older athletes have learned how to find that balance between training, nutrition and rest, younger athletes have to reach that understanding. Although young athletes can see results from physical work and athletic achievement, those items are not possible without proper hydration.

Marriage shared, “Proper hydration is key: for good communication between our brain and muscles, for our body to sweat to help cool us off, for our muscles to work properly, and for our brains to concentrate while we are training. Even small losses of fluid in our bodies, for example 2% of our body weight, can affect your performance on the field or court. Dehydration can cause headaches and dizziness, can make you feel like you have to work harder, and can shorten your endurance while working out.”

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Pedialyte Sport is available in two flavors, lemon lime and fruit punch. It is available in both a liquid and powder packets.

Are you ready to take you hydration to the next level? Pedialyte Sport is waiting and it could help you push past your limits.