Is Taco Bell open on Christmas Eve 2020?

Taco Bell Nacho Fries Are Coming Back, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Nacho Fries Are Coming Back, photo provided by Taco Bell /

Santa might be on his sleigh, but Taco Bell is open on Christmas Eve 2020.

As late night cravings hit, Taco Bell is open on Christmas Eve 2020. Even more important, Taco Bell brings back Nacho Fries on Christmas Eve this year. Isn’t that tasty food menu item a reason to run to the border?

While local restaurants might vary, Christmas Eve 2020 is a day where Taco Bell will be serving guests. Whether you have some last minute shopping or just need a break from the holiday chaos, it can be a great reason to grab a taco, burrito or other tasty treat.

This year has seen many changes for Taco Bell. Ending the year with the return of Nacho Fries is a high point. Everyone seems to love those Mexican spiced seasoned fries and nacho cheese dipping sauce.

In addition to the return of nacho fries, Taco Bell added other new menu items, including $1 Loaded Nacho Taco, Taco and Burrito Cravings Pack and Bacon Club Chalupa. If you spent too much money on holiday presents, these options are perfect.

Although some favorite menu items have been retired this year, the restaurant brand is looking to find the balance of innovation and familiar. From highlighting more vegetarian menu choices to offering more value per purchase, there are always another reason to place an order.

With the rise of online ordering, the brand has found ways to make it more convenient for restaurant guests. As consumers want more convenience with their food purchases, it seems plausible that the app will become even more useful.

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If you don’t want to cook on Christmas Eve or you’re just craving some Nacho Fries, head to Taco Bell because it is open on Christmas Eve 2020.

What are your Christmas Eve food traditions?