Bacon and beer are always a winning combination

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For the New Year, resolve to eat more bacon and beer thanks to Hamm’s.

Bacon and beer are the tasty way to start the New Year and Hamm’s has the perfect option to kick off the year with deliciousness. Why not start the bacon and beer love on National Bacon Day and maybe that resolution to enjoy tasty food will be the one that sticks well into the new year.

Some food parings are just tasty. While people can debate whether a lager is better than an IPA, a beer can always be great beverage for many occasions.

Additionally, beer can go with almost anything. From cookies to cheese to fish to burgers, there is always a food pairing that matches with beer.

For foodies, bacon can be a favorite treat. Whether piled high on a burger, paired with breakfast or just eaten as candied bacon, many people believe that life is just better with bacon.

Hamm’s wants to kick of 2021 with some bacon and beer. After a year that wasn’t, doesn’t the New Year deserve a tasty kick-off?

The Hammergency Kit is here to ensure that life is full of bacon and beer. In an effort to go big with food and beverages in the new year, this box of tastiness will bring happiness.

Trisha Bakshi, Marketing Manager of Hamm’s Beer, said “We made the Hammergency Kit for some tried-and-true indulgence, but we also made it because it’s fun and quirky, and we want to head into the new year focusing on the simple things that make us happy.”

If you want the chance to have a Hammergency Kit, simply visit the Hamm’s Beer giveaway site. 50 people will win the following “Hamm’s branded cooler, five pounds of ready-to-cook bacon, and a six-pack of Hamm’s beer (in the form of a $15 pre-paid card).” The promotion ends on January 13, 2021.

Even if you don’t win a Hammergency Kit, you can create your own. Just make sure that your refrigerator is stocked for the New Year. After the year that wasn’t, haven’t we all learned that is it important to be well-prepared?

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Do you think that bacon and beer are the ultimate food and beverage pairing?