Three cheeses that pair perfectly with prosecco

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Pop open a prosecco sparkling wine and serve it with one of these three cheeses.

Prosecco sparkling wine has become uber popular and these three cheeses are a delightful food and beverage pairing. Similar to other food and beverage pairings, the idea is to use the classic flavors to play off each other. Why not open a bottle or two, slice some cheese and explore the flavor possibilities.

While each sparkling wine is different, prosecco tends to have pear and apple forward flavors. With its medium sized bubbles, the sparkling wine tends to have a balanced acidity. In some ways, that versatility allows it to pair well with a variety of food choices.

When it come to cheese, prosecco tends to do well with savory, sometimes smoky flavors. While it is best to stay away from strong, funky flavors, nutty brown butters and even some caramel notes work well with the sparkling wine.

With those flavor ideas in mind, here are three cheese that pair perfectly with prosecco sparkling wine.

Cheddar Cheese and Prosecco

When picking a cheddar, try to find one that has some nutty brown butter notes or caramel flavors. Cave-aged cheddars often have those flavors and aromas.

The La Clare Farms Cave-Aged Chandoka is a great option. Contrasting the fruity notes in the prosecco with the savory flavors in the cheddar cheese. Sometimes the contrasting flavors are quite exciting.

Gouda and Prosecco

Sometimes gouda can have sweet, caramel notes, which is a lovely pairing for the acidity in a prosecco. Consider a Wisconsin cheese like the Marieke Aged Gouda. The Dutch aged gouda is a lovely contrast to the fruity flavors in the sparkling wine.

Alipine Cheese and Prosecco

While this Wisconsin cheese might be a difficult find, it is worth seeking out. The Uplands Cheese Company’s Rush Creek Reserve is only around for a few months, but it is a delightful flavor experience with the prosecco.

Known for its bark wrapping, the super creamy cheese is as stunning visually as it is luscious to eat. The flavors reveal various levels. From slightly smoky to even a hint of mustard, each bite is even more compelling. You might want to have two bottles to sip while enjoying this Wisconsin cheese.

These Wisconsin cheese suggestions are just a few of the many of prosecco and cheese pairings. Why not pop open a few bottles, create a cheese plate and enjoy the flavor exploration.

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What is your favorite cheese and beverage pairing?