F!VE Drinks Co says it is time to skip Dry January 2021

F Dry January, photo provided by F!VE Drinks Co
F Dry January, photo provided by F!VE Drinks Co /

If you want to skip Dry January, F!VE Drinks Co has you covered.

Last year was bad so why not skip Dry January and toast to new beginnings. F!VE Drinks Co is saying “F*CK DRY JANUARY” with a special limited edition offering. Be committed to having a drink every day and that is a resolution that many people will want to keep.

While some people look to the New Year as a way to re-start, re-fresh and re-discover themselves, the beginning of the year needs to be positive. A difficult resolution, like Sober January or other restrictive resolution, can be too hard. Why set yourself for failure with 11 more months to go. It isn’t that goals aren’t good. Instead, don’t be make those goals unattainable.

The limited edition F!VE Drinks Co package has 31 canned cocktails. While you do not have to drink one drink a day, you can drink when the mood moves you. Whether you want a Moscow Mule, Margarita or Mojito, there is an option for every flavor mood.

This special New Year offering seems to continue a trend from the past year. The rise of the canned cocktail was a huge beverage trend. Now, the cocktail isn’t limited to just the bar.

It isn’t that people don’t know how to make a great cocktail, but they appreciate the convenience of the canned cocktail. Just like the beer drinker who likes to drink a beer where and when they prefer, now cocktails offer the same opportunity. Whether poured into a glass or drunk straight from the can, a cocktail is always in fashion.

The F!VE Drinks Co “F*CK DRY JANUARY” limited-edition canned cocktail pack is available online at buyfivedrinks.com. It sells for $20.21.

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Are you ready to skip Dry January? Isn’t it time to just enjoy life and a great cocktail?