Enjoy the World’s Best Bar cocktails by just popping open a can

Dante teams up with F!VE DRINKS CO, photo provided by F!VE DRINKS CO
Dante teams up with F!VE DRINKS CO, photo provided by F!VE DRINKS CO /

The World’s Best Bar cocktails from Dante are waiting to be popped open.

As the canned cocktails market continues to surge, F!VE DRINKS CO has brought the Worst’s Best Bar cocktails directly to your home. Now, the revered New York City bar, Dante, has brought its highly acclaimed cocktails to the can. Are you ready to pop one open and enjoy a taste?

With the restaurant industry continuing to struggle, the word “pivot” has become the way of doing business. Even though guests long to sit at their favorite bar, marvel at the bartender’s skill and enjoy another glorious sip of that cocktail, that bar stool remains overturned.

Dante, in New York City, has been considered the World’s Best Bar. Dating back to when it opened in 1915, the New York City legend has captivated guests for decades. While new ownership took over in 2015, Dante’s heritage never waivered.

Now, Dante has partnered with F!VE DRINKS CO to bring the World’s Best Bar cocktails to everyone. While the partnership kicked off with three canned cocktails, the long-term partnership will definitely evolve over time.

As part of the launch, three canned cocktails are available. They are Americano 2.0, Summer Spritz and Gin + Tonic. These cocktails are made with spirits. More importantly, the focus is on quality ingredients that help to reveal the nuanced flavors in every sip.

For example, the Summer Spritz blends gin with an elderflower cordial. The floral notes are balanced with the brightness from the lemon and the sweetness from the grape juice. With a touch of cucumber, it brings a refreshment in every sip.

Even though that cocktail is nuanced, it only contains five ingredients. That idea is the cornerstone of F!VE DRINKS CO. Each of their canned cocktails focus on just 5 all-natural ingredients. It shows that simplicity can be cocktail perfection.

This partnership focuses on delicious cocktails made with real ingredients. Just like that cocktails that people fell in love with at Dante, those ideas can evolve into a convenient form. Although the home bar might not have that history, it can serve an amazing cocktail.

The F!IVE DRINKS CO and Dante cocktails are available online at buyfivedrinks.co and can be found at select liquor stores in Florida, New York and California.

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Are you ready to pop open one of the World’s Best Bar cocktails?