Charles Joly shakes up Emmys cocktails perfect for at home celebrations

Hollywood Mule, photo provided by Ketel One
Hollywood Mule, photo provided by Ketel One /

For this year’s Emmys cocktails, Charles Joly shakes up the perfect celebration.

While the Emmys broadcast might skip the traditional red carpet, this year’s Emmys cocktails ensure that the celebration is marvelous. Ketel One and Diageo Reserve World Class award-winning mixologist Charles Joly have created the official signature cocktails for the 2020 Emmys awards. While these cocktails are full of glitz and glamour, the home bartender can confidently shake up an award-winning cocktail.

Over the years, each Emmys awards show has had a signature cocktail. Often these cocktails draw inspiration from popular shows or pop culture themes. While these cocktails are meant to toast the achievements, the libations can become a signature cocktail for any home bartender.

Although many foodies are well aware of Charles Joly’s long and illustrious career, pop culture fans are in for a treat with this year’s Emmys cocktails. With many people learning to mix up some creative cocktails during their virtual happy hours, these cocktails showcase how being comfortable behind the bar can expand anyone’s cocktail repertoire.

Ahead of the Emmys celebrations, Joly graciously answered some questions about this year’s Emmys cocktails as well as shared the recipes to the three Emmys cocktails for 2020.

For the 2020 Emmys, Joly created three cocktails, the 7 Minute Martini, the Hollywood Mule, and Double Brewed Espresso Martini.

Although there are many impressive shows up for nomination, the Emmys cocktails had a broader inspiration, Joly said “(The cocktails) drew inspiration from the celebration of the community and the spirit of the Emmys and the season. I’ve definitely caught up with plenty of shows that I had missed prior to March.”

With more and more people are spending quality time at home, the home bartender has tried her hand at mixing up some new cocktails. From trying new flavors to gaining confidence behind the bar, people are doing more than just opening another bottle of bubbly to celebration.

Given that people will be making these Emmys cocktails at home, Joly took that home bartender’s comfort level into play. He said, “We wanted this year’s Ketel One Emmys cocktails to be marvelous and celebratory while still being accessible for the home enthusiasts. All of the cocktails include ingredients that any well stocked grocery store will carry. Our home bartenders can also infuse their own creativity by swapping out fruits, citrus etc.”

At the same time, Joly was conscious of the ingredients that are available. Just like a chef uses seasonal ingredients to make the best possible recipe, a mixologist takes the same approach.

Joly said, “Seasonality has always been a cornerstone of my cocktail design style. In the early days of the cocktail renaissance, many of my core resources to learn from were chefs, so I take a lot of inspiration from the kitchen.”

“Using seasonal ingredients just makes sense. The flavors will be at their peak, prices the lowest and you have the added benefit of it being more responsible from an environmental impact angle.”

Ketel One, Charles Joly, Emmys cocktails
Double Brewed Espresso Martini, photo provided by Ketel One /

That type of perspective is why Joly has been a highly acclaimed mixologist and pioneer in the industry. He is always looking to innovate yet not stray too far from letting the ingredients themselves shine.

Joly tends to balance common ingredients with availability. He wants to create “a well-rounded menu with something for everyone amongst the cocktails I designed with Ketel One this year.”

The most visually impressive of the Emmys cocktails is the 7 Minute Martini. For foodies, they might be familiar with the method seen in the picture. When this style of cocktail appeared at the Aviary in Chicago, it was a huge hit.

Joly said, “The porthole infusing device was designed for use initially at the Aviary and is available to the public now. A simple French press works just as well and is easily accessible and inexpensive. “

“The idea of this cocktail is a rapid evolution right in front of the imbiber. It is meant to pour small sips, starting with the elevated Ketel One martini base. I love to use a very small glass, so you’re forced to take tiny sips and refill every couple of minutes as the drink further infuses. Even better, keep a series of small glasses so you can taste back and forth between the different stages of the cocktail.”

Here’s how to make the 7 Minute Martini.

Emmys cocktails, Charles Joly, Ketel One
Emmys cocktails recipes, photo provided by Ketel One /

While the 7 Minute Martini shows how a cocktail can evolve, one of the other Emmys cocktails, the Hollywood Mule, shows how swapping ingredients can change the cocktail experience. By using kombucha instead of ginger beer, the flavor has an extra punch.

Although a healthy cocktail might be a misnomer, some ingredients are better choices than others. Jolly recommends “using the best quality, fresh ingredients available. The end result of a drink will only be as good as the ingredients you put in.”

For the Hollywood Mule, “the kombucha plays the role of the ginger beer. As a single ingredient, there is no added sugar in the kombucha, so it is dryer, crisp and has a lovely texture.”

Here’s how to make the Hollywood Mule.

Emmys Cocktails, Ketel One, Charles Joly
Emmys cocktails recipes, photo provided by Ketel One /

Lastly, the Double Espresso Martini highlights creative ingredients that might change how you look at cold brew. While many people love their morning coffee ritual, this cocktail uses Guinness to brew the coffee.

While this cocktail does take the longest preparation, the result is a nuanced sip. It might change how you look at a coffee flavored martini.

Here’s how to make the Double Espresso Martini.

Emmys cocktails, Charles Joly, Ketel One
Emmys cocktails recipes, photo provided by Ketel One /

Whether you sip on one of these Emmys cocktails or shake up your own favorite cocktail, Joly encourages everyone to embrace the experience. For him, Joly said, “Nothing is off limits for me when it comes to cocktails. I encourage people to experiment.”

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What cocktail will you be sipping while watching the Emmys?