Ketel One and Charles Joly share flawless Emmy entertaining tips


Time to toast the Emmys! Ketel One and Charles Joly have partnered to celebrate the biggest night in television and these flawless entertainment tips  and cocktails make the evening total perfection.

While you might not be walking the red carpet, Ketel One Vodka and master mixologist Charles Joly want everyone to celebrate on television’s biggest night. The Emmys are quickly approaching and your watching party needs to be on point. With a few tips and tricks, everyone will be giving you an award for best hostess.

Throwing a flawless party can be within even the most novice hostess’ reach. Although everyone wishes to have a party planner on speed dial, a few tricks can make anyone look like a professional. The idea is to make smart choices.

Although beer and wine can be an easy solution for party beverages, those choices can be a little pedestrian. A signature cocktail will always impress your guests.

Since the hostess doesn’t want to spend the entire evening behind the bar, Charles Joly recommends making large batch cocktails. Simply multiple the recipe by the number of cocktails that you want to serve. Then, when guests arrive, you just have to shake them to order.

Also, a garnish station is a nice touch. This idea turns that batch cocktail into something more custom. Whether you use fruit, herbs or even just a whimsical garnish, it can make everyone feel special

For example, Joly created The Helmsman, a non-alcoholic cocktail inspired by Emmys season. This cocktail could easily be made in a bigger batch. Although, it might be best to hold off on the soda water till the beverage is served. It is always best to have fresh bubbles.

The Helmsman, Ketel One Emmy cocktail by Charles Joly, photo provided by Ketel One

Here’s how to make The Helmsman.

"The HelmsmanRecipe:• 1 oz papaya nectar• 1 oz lemon juice• ¾ oz coconut water syrup• 3 oz soda waterPrep:• Serve on the rocks in an old fashioned glass.• Garnish with dehydrated-spiced mango and lemon."

Looking at The Helmsman, one ingredient shows a simple, yet elevated twist that anyone can master. A flavored simple syrup is easy to make, yet is quite impressive.

A basic simple syrup is equal parts sugar and water that is dissolved over low heat. If you add ingredients to the steep, you can get some amazing flavors. From spices to fruits, the options are many. Just remember to strain the liquid of any additives. Plus, the extra simple syrup can be refrigerated and saved.

Another easy way to make your Ketel One cocktail shine is to add a little twist to a classic cocktail. For example, Joly elevates the classic mule to a Marvelous Mule in this recipe.

"Marvelous MuleRecipe:• 1 ½ oz Ketel One® Family-Made Vodka• ¾ oz spiced honey*• ¾ oz fresh lime juice• 2 ½ oz Fever Tree ginger beer• 3 dashes Bittered Sling Peach Bitters• 20 drops 20% saline solutionPrep:• Add all ingredients to a mule mug.• Stir to combine and top up with ice.• Add fresh mint sprig and lemongrass tops for garnish.*spiced honey• 8 oz wildflower honey• 8 oz water• 3 bags ginger turmeric tea• 30 grams chopped lemongrass stalks• Combine all ingredients in a pot, steep for 15 minutes over low heat on stovetop, do not boil."

Lastly, any good host will always have all the tools on hand to mix up anyone’s favorite cocktail. A great set of bar tools can make quick work of that vigorous shake or subtle stir. From making an elegant twist garnish to the perfect pour, bar tools are a must.

Also, remember to use a good glass for your cocktails. For example, Crafthouse by Fortessa makes some amazing glassware that are not only visually stunning but feel great in your hand. Put the plastic away unless you are hosting by the pool.

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Are you going to be hosting Emmy watching party? With these flawless Emmy entertaining tips from Ketel One and Charles Joly, your party will be award winning.