Gifts for the home mixologist: Shake up those cocktails


Have a cocktail lover on your holiday gift giving list? These gifts for the at home mixologist will have the cocktails flowing.

During the holiday season, the gift giving list is long. While the gift card, restaurant gift certificate or even a bottle of wine may be an easy choice, sometimes those options lack creativity. For the home mixologist, the gift giving ideas don’t have to be difficult. Instead of giving a bottle of their favorite spirit, gift some bar tools or mixology themed gifts. Maybe your friend might even invite you over for a cocktail and to test out the new bar tools.

Gifts for the at home mixologist: Shake up those cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble

If you have a home mixologist on your gift list, these gift ideas could get you an extra cocktail this holiday season.

Microplane ultimate bar tool

If you only had to pick one bar tool to have behind the bar, the Microplane ultimate bar tool is the answer. This bar tool can do all the cocktail making essentials. It muddles, stirs, cuts, strains and even creates the perfect cocktail garnish. Instead of having a bucket filled with bar tools, this one tool replaces them all.

The Mircoplane ultimate bar tool is really easy to use. There is a little learning curve on creating elaborate garnishes, but it doesn’t take long to look like a professional. The Microplane ultimate bar tool retails for approximately $14.99. It is available on Amazon or at various retailers.

This gift could even be combined with a bottle of the person’s favorite vodka, whiskey or rum. Another thought is to include a special cocktail recipe with the bar tool and spirit. Isn’t it always cocktail hour during the holiday season?

Tovolo Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, photo from Tovolo, Lotus 823

Tovolo Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

Even James Bond agrees that shaking a cocktail can be the secret to a perfect cocktail. Finding a cocktail shaker that works in the home bar is key. A great choice is the Tovolo Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker.

The Tovolo Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker is another multiuse bar tool. The cocktail shaker mixes, strains, jigs and even juices. It is even designed to hold larger ice cubes. This one bar tool simplifies the bar, too. The versatility helps the home mixologist to create basic or creative cocktails.

The Tovolo Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker retails for around $20.

Punch Bowl

Punches are a popular cocktail choice during the holiday. But, does everyone have a great looking punch bowl? According to Tracie Franklin, the Glenfiddich Ambassador, a punch bowl is a perfect holiday gift.

Choosing a punch bowl doesn’t have to be a difficult task. A simple search on Williams Sonoma has a lovely option. A simple glass punch bowl is usually a good choice because it allows the punch to shine. When guests can see the punch through the bowl, they can be more enticed to drink it. Everyone knows the old adage, you eat (and drink) with your eyes.

Another aspect to consider is that the punch bowl comes with matching cups. Granted, many sets come with six to eight cups. Still, a pretty cup is more appealing than a boring plastic cup.

The Williams Sonoma Regency Frosted Punch Bowl and Cups gift set retails for around $100.

Joseph Joseph Helix Citrus Juicer, photo from Joseph Joseph

Citrus press

Citrus is a common component in many cocktails. The brightness from a touch of citrus adds balance to a robust cocktail. But, don’t squeeze a lemon, lime or orange over a cocktail. No one wants an errant seed in that pretty cocktail. A citrus press is a better solution.

A citrus press quickly and efficiently juices a piece of citrus. It is very easy to use. Basically, a person squeezes the two kitchen tool together.

Many companies offer citrus juices. A personal favorite is the Joseph Joseph Helix Citrus Juicer. It takes minimal effort to get every drop of juice out of the citrus. Simply twist the juicer. No super human grip strength required.

The Joseph Joseph Helix Citrus Juicer is available at Sur La Table for $20.


Have you ever wondered what that little punch of flavor is in a cocktail? That little something, a flavor that just makes the cocktail taste better is probably bitters. Bitters are a concentrated flavor. Often made from fruits, herbs and spices, only a few drops of bitters are usually used.

Many companies make bitters and bitters come in many flavors, too. From the most traditional Angostura Bitters to specialty bitters, there are many options. Some companies even make a tasting set of bitters. A set is a great way to explore bitters in all types of cocktails.
Anyone who is looking to better their cocktail making skills, bitters are a must.

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