Perfect hostess gift ideas that will get you invited back


As the holiday party season gets into full swing, guests start scrambling for hostess gift ideas. These gift ideas will keep you off the naughty list and on the invite back list.

Even if the invitation says no gifts, a hostess gift is always an appreciated gesture. Unfortunately, choosing a hostess gift can be harder than picking the perfect holiday outfit. Luckily, this list of hostess gift ideas have several choices that can fit almost any occasion. While we don’t guarantee an invite for next year’s party, these seven hostess gift ideas should at least keep you off the naughty list.
Perfect hostess gift ideas that will get you invited back, photo by Cristine Struble

Celebratory gift

During the holidays, everyone enjoys a glass of sparkling wine. From cava to classic champagne, a little bubbly can make any day a little more special. Why not bring the hostess a celebratory inspired gift of sparkling wine and Architec’s Poppin’ Bubbles.

Architec’s Poppin’ Bubbles makes opening any sparkling wine bottle an easier experience. Simply place the kitchen tool on the sparkling wine cork and twist. The cork easily removes every time. This kitchen tool is approximately $25 on Amazon.

Of course the Architec Poppin’ Bubbles needs a bottle of sparkling wine to accompany it. Unless the hostess has a favorite sparkling wine, a gift from One Hope Wine will make a wonderful impression. Several of the company’s sparkling wines come in glittery bottles. Even more impressive, One Hope Wine gives back to charity with every purchase. Why not do something good with your indulgence. One Hope Wine can be purchased online.
Perfect hostess gift ideas that will get you invited back, photo by Cristine Struble

Humorous gift

Everyone has at least one friend who is the life of the party. From that witty joke to the awesome comeback, everyone can count on that person to have the comment of the party. If the hostess is that person, why not put some humor into the hostess gift. One funny option is from Twisted Wares.

A woman owned company, Twisted Wares is a very irreverent, even snarky, kitchen towel line. With phrases like “I like to rub my meat” or “spooning leads to forking,” these kitchen towels are only for hostess with a good sense of humor.

Pair a couple of these funny kitchen towels with a gift certificate for a spa day or a promise for a girls’ night out. Hopefully, this hostess gift will at least get her to smile during the party.

For the entertainer

For the hostess who is the ultimate party entertainer, a gift to help her with entertaining is always a good option. Why not give a gift that can be used all year round? One fun option is the Paula Dean Stoneware Egg Tray.

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Have you noticed that at any party, at any time of the year, deviled eggs are always a popular? Whether a traditional recipe or an elevated, modern one, very few people can resist deviled eggs.

A gift of the Paula Dean Stoneware Egg Tray makes for a delightful gift. The speckled pattern can be used at any season. From holidays to Easter, this egg tray is a beautiful addition to any table. Plus, the rooster design is a little nod to who came first, the chicken or the egg. The dish holds 12 half eggs and retails for approximately $19.99 at various retailers.

Perfect hostess gift ideas that will get you invited back, photo provided by Meyer

For the baker

Some people love to bake. From perfect holiday cookies to delectable cakes, baking can be some people’s passion. Instead of buying some gadgets or baking mixes, why not pick a practical, useful gift.

For the baker hostess, a great gift idea is the Anolon Vesta Stoneware set of four 10-ounce ramekins. These stoneware ramekins are stylish and practical. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, the baker can whip up some bread pudding, little cakes or another sweet treat. From oven to table, these ramekins will get lots of use by the home baker. The set retails for approximately $19.99.

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These gift ideas are just a few suggestions for the hostess. Truthfully, any thoughtful gesture will always be appreciated. A gift that reflects the hostess, her likes and interests, is a wonderful choice.