Daphne Oz shares her best tips for a successful New Year

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As a New Year begins, Daphne Oz explains her habits for a positive change.

For Daphne Oz, she believes that anyone can be successful in setting healthy habits. While it can take time to turn those changes into lifestyle choices, the New Year is a great time to start anew. From healthy eating recipes to self-care tips, change can reap positive rewards.

Oz is partnering with WW (formerly Weight Watchers) as one of its ambassadors. As seen with the WW program, the concept is more of a total lifestyle wellness approach. While healthy eating choices are vital, it isn’t the only part. From self-care to life balance, all of those aspects work together to ensure a successful lifestyle adaptation.

While some people might want to make sweeping changes as the New Year begins, Oz recommends a different approach. She said, “Make your commitment manageable and break it down into bite-sized tasks. Schedule the time you need so that it’s not a maybe but a must.”

That idea to schedule time helped Oz. She said, “Putting it my calendar helped make it a commitment that I looked forward to and I stuck with it long enough to make it a real habit.”

Although everyone is different, the key is to make a change a habit. Whether it is self-care, exercise or eating choices, change doesn’t happen overnight. Still, the commitment to act, even in small portions, is important.

For Oz, she makes being active, for any amount of time, a priority. “On days I don’t have time for a longer workout straight through, I sneak in 10 minutes of HIIT or other cardio/strength training multiple times throughout the day. It gives me such a happy hormone rush and a burst of energy, and I’m amazed at how this small but consistent commitment makes me feel so accomplished.”

At the same time, Oz understands that food plays an important role to keeping her energy levels up. She said, “I try to make sure my first meal of the day has plenty of protein, some fiber, and a little fat — eggs with a little cheese on a whole grain tortilla is one of my favorite combos.”

These ideas seem to fit into her philosophy for the New Year. While not a resolution in the typical sense, she looks to more of an idea or an approach to a way of thinking, like a filter. Oz said, “My filter for this year is going to be one word: proactive. My goal is to make sure that whether an individual day was a total win or not, I’m taking an active and positive approach to getting the most out of it.”

Recently, Oz shared a tasty, easy recipe for Curried Chicken Patty Lettuce Wraps. For Oz, one of the reasons why she appreciates WW is that “(t)he thing I will never get tired of loving about the WW approach to life is that everything is on the menu!”

Looking at the Curried Chicken Patty Lettuce Wraps is a recipe that can be adapted for anyone’s flavor preferences. While Oz serves it with a big salad, it can be modified. Whether you like a slightly spicier vinaigrette or prefer some pears versus apples, it ensures that the food on the table is never boring.

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Take some advice from Daphne Oz and WW. Small change can create lasting habits. A fulfilled lifestyle is within anyone’s reach.

What small changes have become lasting habits in your lifestyle choices?