WW D360 program enhances a total lifestyle approach to healthy choices

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Make lasting healthy choices with the WW D360 program.

While resolutions are on everyone’s minds, the WW D360 program takes a full circle approach to healthy choices. Offering a total wellness approach, the WW D360 plan looks to seamless work into people’s lives. From daily inspiration to motivational coaching, all the tools will be at members fingertips.

Last year, the MyWW+ launched and was well received. The personalized program gave users more control over their choices. With this new program, users have even more tools to help them succeed with lifestyle changes.

Mindy Grossman, WW CEO and President said, “Coaching is the heartbeat of WW, and our expert D360 Coaches will not only support our members with their expertise and advice, but they will also introduce them to a variety of thought leaders at the forefront of wellness -to offer their unique perspectives to our members on how to reach their goals, improve their health and achieve a life filled with possibility.”

While this program will evolve over time, the core of the WW D360 is coaching. The focus is on creating a wellness approach to life. The hope is to show that all of life’s mindful decisions are key to creating meaningful change.

Some of the programming includes: Daily Inspiration, CoachLIVES, WalkTalks, Weighing In Podcast, and LIVE Experiences. While some people will be drawn to the celebrity WalkTalks and others will prefer a simple Daily Inspiration, the goal is to bring encouragement when and where users need it.

Although it takes time to create a habit, WW looks to its coaches and members to serve as ambassadors for the program. While not necessarily accountability holders, their advice and direction plant the seeds of change. Just like a plant does not grow tall overnight, it needs the nourishment to solidify the roots to its eventual success.

Even if weight loss is not a personal goal, the WW D360 program can help bring some balance to lifestyle choices. From feeling empowered to move more to goal setting, this program is more than just healthy eating choices. By supporting the total person, lasting change can and will happen.

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More information on the WW D360 program can be found online.

What lifestyle choices are important to you? What advice would you give someone who is looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes?