Why is everyone obsessed with Blue Sour Patch Kids?

Sour Patch Kids Blue only bags, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids
Sour Patch Kids Blue only bags, photo provided by Sour Patch Kids /

With the just Blue Sour Patch Kids bags available now, why is this flavor best?

After fans voted, the just Blue Sour Patch Kids bags have hit store shelves. Instead of picking out of the blue candies from a mixed bag, a monochromatic blue bag is available to satisfy that sweet yet sour craving. But, one question still remains unanswered. What is the obsession with blue Sour Patch Kids?

When it comes to many candies, everyone has a favorite flavor. Even though people say that they love Sour Patch Kids, one of the colorful kids is their preferred flavor. Whether they eat that color first or last, that one color makes them smile.

Although fans voted blue their favorite Sour Patch Kids candy, it is an interesting choice. There is no blue raspberry fruit yet this candy flavor seems to appear everywhere and seems to dominate popular flavor choices. Even though it can turn your tongue an unreal color of blue, people cannot get enough of this flavor choice.

Actually, the Blue Sour Patch Kid was not part of the original flavors. At first, there were only four flavors and colors, red (cherry), yellow (lemon), green (lime) and orange (peach). In 2013, blue (blue raspberry was added).

Although many people love the blue raspberry, peach never seems to top the popular list. It is interesting that orange is peach flavored, not orange flavored. In some ways, that flavor seems to be the out man out in the package. It doesn’t seem like that orange will ever have its own stand alone bag.

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If you love the Blue Sour Patch Kids, the blue only bags are available on store shelves now. The packages come in both a 3.6 oz and a 5 oz option.

What is your favorite Sour Patch Kid flavor? More importantly, what new flavor would you like added to the mix?