Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer is a yabba dabba do

Fruity Pebbles Coffee Creamer, photo provided by International Delight
Fruity Pebbles Coffee Creamer, photo provided by International Delight /

International Delight added Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer to its line-up.

Move over cereal bowl, because the Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer from International Delight is here. In addition to the fruity flavor, there is a Cocoa Pebbles coffee creamer, too. Even if your coffee machine is a technological masterpiece, your coffee needs to embrace your favorite Stone Age family.

This year is a big one for Fruity Pebbles. As the brand turns 50, there are more and more cross-promotional products hitting store shelves. From baking to now coffee, it seems that the popular Flintstones inspired cereals are the “it” food for 2021.

Leah Broeders, Head of Licensing at Post Consumers Brands said, “The Pebbles cereal brand has been sparking imagination and bringing joy to fans for 50 years, and we think the new coffee creamers are another fun way for fans to enjoy the flavors beyond the cereal bowl.”

While Fruity Pebbles is that colorful spark to start the day, the classic flavor is both sweet and fruity. Since some coffees tend to have a little fruit undertone, the Fruity Pebbles coffee creamer could be the new flavor experience to brighten the day. Although it might not be the typical coffee creamer choice, it could be one that quickly becomes your favorite.

The Cocoa Pebbles coffee creamer is probably the more approachable flavor. Many people appreciate a sweet, chocolate flavor in their coffee. While this coffee creamer is different than a traditional mocha, many people will want to try it at least once.

These International Delight coffee creamers seem to continue a recent trend with International Delight flavor offerings. Sweeter, almost dessert like flavors have been the focus of recent limited time releases. The Buddy the Elf holiday offering is a perfect example. It channeled the flavor of the popular stroopwafel perfectly.

Marie Dobson, Marketing Director for International Delight said, “At International Delight, we are always looking to give our fans innovative, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else flavors to enhance their coffee. We want to make that first cup of joe a delicious and fun experience.”

The new Pebbles coffee creamers exemplify that statement. While you do not have to have a gigantic stone aged coffee mug to enjoy this coffee creamer, a few sips will bring a smile to your face. Shouldn’t every morning start with a little sip of happy?

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Both the Cocoa and the Fruity Pebbles Coffee Creamer are available on store shelves now. They will be available for a limited time. Better stock up when you find a bottle.

What other cereal flavors would like like to see transformed into a coffee creamer?