Babybel launches new functional dairy snacks

Babybel Plus is a functional food cheese snack, photo provided by Babybel
Babybel Plus is a functional food cheese snack, photo provided by Babybel /

Responding to food trends, Babybel offers functional dairy snacks.

While Babybel has always been a popular cheese snack, the new functional dairy snacks reveals more under that brand’s signature red wax. Now, those few bites are packed with more nutritional benefits.

As consumers want more from their food, brands are looking for ways to adapt their classic products. One significant food trend for 2021 is the focus on health and wellness. From immunity boosters to healthy eating, that single bite is packed with functional goodness.

According to studies, consumers increased their purchases of food with probiotic or prebiotic claims. The idea is that these functional foods would help to supplement general health and wellness.

Responding to those consumer demands, Babybel has launched two new products, Babybel Plus+ Probiotic and Babybel Plus+ Vitamins. While the classic, delicious cheesy taste is still the same, the additional ingredients look to boost what consumers want.

Babybel Plus function food snack
Babybel Plus offers a function food snack, photo provided by Babybel /

Melanie Nemoy, Babybel USA Brand Director, said “We’re excited to plus up the goodness of Babybel with an extension that offers families an easy way to get the added nutrients they are looking for in the same playful format they love.”

While the new products address consumer food trends for health and wellness products, it never loses sight of the part that makes this brand a family favorite. There is an element of fun to eating Babybel. Just opening that red wax brings smiles.

Families have relied on the brand as a snack that they trust. Nemoy said . “Both variants also provide a good source of calcium and protein, contributing further to the small ways consumers can support their overall wellness this year.”

The Probiotic version features “live and active cultures of the LGG probiotics strain.” Many people choose to add probiotics to their diet for immune healthy benefits. In coordination with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, probiotics make sense for many people.

The Vitamins option offers Vitamins A and B12. These two vitamins were chosen for the support for eye health and metabolism.

While these two new offerings are the first ones to be available, additional new products could be on the horizon. Functional food is the new trend that will become quite popular. Since it often doesn’t change the essence of the favorite foods, consumers are eager to make the swap.

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The new Babybel offerings will be available in February 2021 at various retailers. A six-count package has a suggested retail price of $4.49.

What do you think of this functional food offering? Do you think that other brands will be following suit?