Immunity is the food buzz word for 2021

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While food trends are unpredictable, immunity seems to be the new food buzz word.

From resolutions to food trends, immunity has a food buzz worthy connotation. While many people have adopted a healthy eating lifestyle, foodies are looking for more than just another plant-based food recipe swap. Finding a way to supplement that healthy eating with good nutritional choices can be vital to feeling strong.

In the Eating Well 2021 food trend predictions, immunity was the number one food and wellness trend for the New Year. Given the current climate, there seems to be a bigger focus on health, wellness and overall good for you food choices.

Editor-in-Chief for Eating Well, Jessie Price said, Now more than ever, people crave timely, relevant, and trusted content related to their well-being.‘s views of immunity articles jumped more than 700% year over year in fiscal 2020, with a particular interest in recipes to help immune systems, including soups, salads, and breakfasts.”

Since there are many ways to incorporate ingredients that benefit immunity, home cooks find that swaps are easy. Instead of restrictive diets or difficult to find ingredients, many of the immunity rich foods are ingredients that families commonly buy, use and enjoy.

For example, Vitamin C rich foods make for a great choice. From that morning glass of orange juice to adding some peppers to scrambled eggs, there are many ways to add an extra boost of Vitamin C to start the day.

One of the easiest ways to get some extra Vitamin C is with a smoothie. Whether you like a Right Note Smoothie or create a strawberry pineapple orange smoothie of your own creation, that morning sip could be a morning habit.

While Vitamin C is important, protein is equally important to immunity. It is one of the reasons why many people choose eggs for breakfast.

Besides eggs, yogurt or cheese can be a great protein source, too. That breakfast food can be full of immunity boosters.

Overall, immunity rich foods are many of the popular, favorite foods that people eat every day. It isn’t that people have to take supplements for that boost. Sometimes natural ingredients are the best way to feel good about health and wellness choices.

Still, a balanced lifestyle is best. From being active to getting enough sleep, each part needs to be in harmony to be most effective. So, drink some more water, get moving, rest and repeat. Although there is no magic pill, a well balanced diet is always a good choice.

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Have your food choices changed in the past year? What is your food buzz word for 2021?