Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars are a dessert dream

From Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars to Magnum Double Red Velvet, it is time for more ice cream.

Bringing together two luscious desserts, the Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars will make you swoon for that ice cream perfection. Whether you crave a small bite or a little more, these Magnum ice cream desserts are the ultimate indulgence.

The Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars are a new innovation that are must try. Who would have thought that a truffle and ice cream could be the perfect pair?

Available in three flavors, Magnum mini Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar, Magnum mini Berry Truffle Bar and Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Bar, it can be hard to pick a favorite flavor. Since there are two mini offerings, maybe you could have one of each.

The offering of mini bars is a smart choice for Magnum. Sometimes people want to indulge but prefer a smaller bite. At just 140 calories, this offering gives that option. Life is too short to skip dessert.

Looking at the flavors, the Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Bar is a must try. The combination of a dark chocolate ganache sauce and a milk chocolate shell makes this ice cream a chocolate lover’s dream.

All three Magnum Truffle Bars will be available starting this month. Each box has a suggested retail price of $3.99-$4.99.

Since Magnum ice cream is often a perfect ending to a delicious mean, it is often the Valentine’s Day dessert. For the perfect romantic setting, Magnum Double Red Velvet is Valentine’s Day perfection.

In one single bite, Magnum Double Red Velvet can be the ultimate romantic dessert to serve this Valentine’s Day. Whether you share a spoon with someone special or indulge in a whole tub for yourself, this new ice cream flavor will have you swooning.

Magnum ice cream is always a decadent treat. From the first crack of that chocolate shell to the luscious ice cream, each bite satisfies in the most perfect way. Even if you try to just eat a few spoonfulls, you long to finish the entire tub.

Inspired by the classic red velvet cake flavor, this Magnum ice cream transforms that dessert into a new experience. The cream cheese ice cream is topped with red velvet cake crumbles and white chocolate pieces. With a chocolate ganache sauce and a white chocolate shell, this dessert goes hits all the sweet flavor notes. When combined into one perfect bite, it is dessert bliss.

The Magnum Double Red Velvet is beginning to be available on store shelves. The tubs have a suggested retail price between $3.99 and $5.49.


Which new Magnum ice cream tempts you with deliciousness?