Popsicle Fruit Twisters are the refreshing treat for the whole family

Popsicle Fruit Twisters are the refreshing treat for the whole family, photo provided by Popsicle
Popsicle Fruit Twisters are the refreshing treat for the whole family, photo provided by Popsicle /

If you haven’t enjoyed Popsicle Fruit Twisters, the newest flavor could make you want a taste.

Bringing together a variety of flavors, the Popsicle Fruit Twisters have become the fun and fruity frozen treat that the whole family has come to love. While the classic Popsicle will always have a spot in the freezer, these fruity, vanilla swirls add a little whimsy to the dessert enjoyment.

If you are unfamiliar with Popsicle Fruit Twisters, the frozen treat has a fruit center that is surrounded by a fruit and vanilla swirl. Made with real fruit and milk, it is the dessert that is quite tasty without a lot of guilt.

A new flavor, Popsicle Mango, Strawberry and Vanilla Swirl are being added to the Popsicle Fruit Twisters line-up. The combination of these three flavors is refreshing, sweet and a touch bold. Although you might not be enjoying them on a beach vacation, there is a hint of that tropical vibe.

The addition of a mango flavor shows that the tropical fruit is quite popular. It is not longer considered that exotic fruit. The new flavor joins the two existing flavors or Peach, Raspberry and Vanilla Swirl and Strawberry Blueberry and Vanilla Swirl.

While the Popsicle Fruit Twisters capture the fun with their flavor combinations, Popsicle has new character Popsicles that are perfect for fans, both young and old. Joining the Popsicle line-up are Minions Popsicles and Spider-Man Popsicles.

Popsicle treats
Popsicle Treats Minions and Spider Man, photo provided by Popsicle /

The Minion Popsicles look like those adorable banana loving characters. Of course, the flavor combines strawberry banana with blue-raspberry to create that iconic visual. And don’t worry. Gru doesn’t have some evil plan with these frozen treats. The only think that might happen is that you tongue might change colors a little, but that’s the fun part.

The Spider-Man Popsicles look just like everyone’s favorite local Spider-Man. The flavor combines strawberry, blue raspberry and lime. The addition of lime is a nice flavor note. That touch of citrus keeps the flavor from being too sweet.

Are you ready to enjoy some frozen treats? Whether you feel a little fruity, adventurous or just want a tasty dessert, Popsicle has a treat for you.

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What is your favorite frozen treat? Do you always pick the same dessert or do you like to try new flavors?