Hazelnut Oreos coming to stores soon

Oreos looked exactly the same in 1986 as they do now.Ydr 08xx86 Oreo
Oreos looked exactly the same in 1986 as they do now.Ydr 08xx86 Oreo /

Hazelnut Oreos are the latest delicious flavor on store shelves.

Hazelnut Oreos are the latest flavor variant to hit the shelves of grocery stores.

This news was previously reported on earlier this week by Food and Wine, though an Instagram post from an account called JunkBanter, which seems to be a food review blog.

There are actually two new flavors of Oreos, both of which sound pretty amazing. They are Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos and Java Chip Oreos, each made with real cocoa.

The Java Chip Oreos will please the coffee lovers, with a coffee-inspired cream filling that should have a bit of a deeper flavor than the typical white cream filling, especially if there’s miniature chocolate chips involved, which it sounds like there could be. That addition would also bring some texture into the familiar crunch of the cookie halves and the smoothness of the creamy center, which might work really well.

The Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos sound even better – if dipping Oreos into peanut butter is a fantastic idea, then shouldn’t dipping them into Nutella also be spectacular? That is likely the inspiration, though Nabisco likely can’t directly acknowledge this inspiration for legal reasons. Hazelnuts are slightly bitter on their own, which is what makes them pair so well with chocolate in things like Starbucks drinks.

Food and Wine reports that both the Chocolate Hazelnut and Java Chip Oreos will become permanent fixtures in the Oreo roster, which currently consists of Birthday Cake, Caramel Coconut, Carrot Cake, Chocolate, Chocolate Marshmallow, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Dark Chocolate, Fudge, White Fudge, Gingerbread, Lemon, Mint, and Peanut Butter, in addition to the classic Original and Golden and the variously-hued holiday editions and flavors.

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Both of these varieties sound amazing, and we can’t wait to try them.

What is your favorite Oreo flavor?