Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit spreads holiday cheer beyond the table

Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit spread holiday cheer beyond the table , photo provided by Ferrero
Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit spread holiday cheer beyond the table , photo provided by Ferrero /

Move over holiday cookies, the Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit inspires new holiday traditions.

Start the day by spreading holiday cheer with the Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit. While many families enjoy a little Nutella on waffles, pancakes or toast, this new holiday kit can spark some new holiday food traditions. More importantly, each purchase shares holiday cheer to those in need.

For many families, Nutella is a pantry staple. The hazelnut spread goes on almost anything, is a secret ingredient in many recipes and is just delicious eaten right off a spoon.

Since Nutella is a favorite, many families are looking for new ways to include that delicious hazelnut spread. From creative pancake recipes to even using it in holiday baking, it seems that there needs to be an extra Nutella jar stocked in the pantry.

While everyone wants to experience the merriment of the holiday season, this year has been more difficult than anyone could have imagined. With the Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit, the brand is looking not only to bring smiles to the home kitchen but also make a difference in a larger way. Each breakfast kit and specially packaged jars benefit No Kid Hungry.

Todd Midura, Vice President of Marketing, Nutella North America, said, “In what has been a challenging and uncertain time, we recognize that many children will face hunger this year. We want to do our part to support No Kid Hungry to help give breakfast to children who need it. To do so, we created the specially marked jar for the No Kid Hungry campaign.”

Food insecurity is a silent pandemic. From the child who goes to school hungry to the neighbor down the street who cannot put food on the table, many people struggle. Given this difficult year, the issue is even greater. With more awareness and efforts to combat food insecurity, a difference can be made.

For Nutella, the DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit and specially designed jar are their way to raise funds and spark a conversation about No Kid Hungry. While each special jar with raise $0.20 per sale, it is more than just a purchase. That jar in the kitchen or on the table can be the catalyst for families to make their own difference in the community.

Of course, the Nutella DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit is meant to be fun during the holidays. With the new Gingerbread Pancake recipe and special gingerbread-shaped cutters, this idea could become a new holiday food tradition for many families. Whether it is a weekend tradition or even breakfast for dinner, the kit encourages spending time as a family. During the holidays, that time together might be the best gift.

The Nutella DIY Breakfast Kit is available at for $14.99 each. The kit includes specially marked holiday jar and non-perishable ingredients to make the recipe. The kits will arrive in early December.

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What are your holiday food traditions? More importantly, how many jars of Nutella are in your pantry?