5 delicious recipes to celebrate World Nutella Day


February 5 is World Nutella Day. While many people never need an excuse to enjoy the tasty chocolate hazelnut spread, these delicious recipes are perfect every day of the year.

For some people celebrating World Nutella Day is an excuse to have Nutella morning, noon and night. That craveable chocolate hazelnut spread seems to make almost everything taste better. What will you be making and eating to celebrate Nutella?

To kick off World Nutella Day, social media will be buzzing with Nutella celebrations. To mark the occasion, the company will give away 20,000 jars of free Nutella via their social media accounts. From 12 a.m. ET on February 5 through 6 a.m. ET on February 6, fans are encouraged to share their love of the hazelnut spread.

Once a fan from each of the 50 states posts their Nutella passion, 20,000 coupons for free Nutella will be unlocked. The coupons will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Also, one lucky Nutella super fan will win a World Nutella Day Italy Experience. While it isn’t necessarily the Hotella Nutella, it is a guided tour of the Nutella factory and experiences that celebrate the brand’s heritage.

While the giveaways are entertaining, people want to satisfy their craving for tasty Nutella. Here are five delicious recipes that can be enjoyed all day, every day.

Nutella and oatmeal

Although Nutella is often spread on pancakes and toast, why not drizzle some of that chocolate hazelnut goodness on some oatmeal. Whether adding some strawberries, chopped hazelnuts or some fresh figs, there are a multitude of flavor combinations. You could have a new combination every day of the week.

Banana Sushi Bites with Nutella

This idea will have everyone eating some more fruit. Simply spread some Nutella around banana pieces. Then roll those banana pieces in chopped hazelnuts. It is a simple snack, quick breakfast or even dessert.

Nutella, granola and yogurt parfait

While yogurt and granola are a classic pairing, why not add another element, Nutella. A traditional layered parfait is always a popular breakfast choice. By adding the Nutella, the parfait becomes quite decadent. Just make sure to keep the layers balanced.


Nutella Panzanella

Borrowed from the Nutella Café, this recipe is really a dessert versus a classic Panzanella dish. Crispy pieces of pound cake are paired with yogurt, fresh fruit, chopped hazelnuts and Nutella. The crunchy pieces of pound cake are the perfect texture contrast to all the other ingredients.

Nutella Grilled Cheese

While this savory Nutella recipe might not be on the tip of your tongue, the combination of a savory grilled cheese and a touch of Nutella is quite tasty. Try using French Toast (similar to a Croque Madame sandwich) with the cheese and Nutella. A sharp cheddar contrasts the chocolate hazelnut spread.

These five recipe ideas for World Nutella Day are just a small sampling of the many recipes that just taste better with Nutella. Whether eaten directly out of the jar or smothering a piece of toast, everything just seems to be better with Nutella.

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How will you be celebrating World Nutella Day? What is your favorite Nutella recipe?