Nutella and pancakes: Bringing creativity to the breakfast table

Nutella and pancakes, photo provided by Nutella
Nutella and pancakes, photo provided by Nutella /

Who needs maple syrup? Nutella and pancakes bring creativity to the breakfast table, which starts the day with big smiles.

For many people, Nutella tastes delicious on almost anything. While toast, bagels and even fruit get the most hazelnut spread love, pancakes deserve their perfect pairing, too. Move over syrup, there is a new topping for those fluffy pancakes.

The old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day still rings true for many families. While busy schedules may not make big, elaborate breakfasts a daily occurrence, pancakes are often a family favorite. From a big stack to one gigantic pancake, there is something about pancakes that just makes people smile.

Generally, people tend to drown their pancakes with maple syrup. Sometimes, there is a pool of syrup left behind. But, does all that syrup really add lots of flavor?

Nutella can be a tasty option to bring to a pancake. Whether a simple dollop on top of a stack or a thin layer in between each stack, the creamy chocolate hazelnut spread is just perfect for pancakes.

To encourage people to make the swap, there will be a Nutella Syrup Swap in New York City. On February 29, people can swap their syrup for a free jar of Nutella. Is this reason enough to taste the difference?

If you don’t live in New York City, don’t fret. The Nutella x Amazon Alexa skill can inspire everyone to whip up some special treats. From pancakes to waffles, there is a ton of content. Simply tell Alexa to enable Nutella Creations skills.

Nutella, pancakes
Pancake stack with Nutella, photo provided by Nutella /

Since the breakfast table can be a great for creativity and trying new foods and flavors, why not use those pancakes to experiment a little. Maybe a touch of chocolate hazelnut spread can encourage the family to try a new fruit. Just think of the fun of cutting up starfruit to make pretty designs on those pancakes.

If you need even more inspiration, there are Dinosaur Nutella Creations ideas on the website. With a little cutting and imagination, those dinosaurs can stampede their way across the family breakfast table.

Whether you love Nutella or have never tried it, pair it with some fully pancakes. The creativity that it brings to the table could spark all types of culinary creations.

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