Get fluffier pancakes with this secret ingredient


Making pancakes from scratch or from a mix, fluffier pancakes are easy with this secret ingredient.

From silver dollar size to a short stack, pancakes are a delicious ways to start the day. Some people love pancakes loaded with butter and syrup while other people enjoy fresh fruit on top. No matter how you top a pancake, fluffier pancakes always taste best. But, how do you get those fluffy pancakes?

While some people flock to their favorite pancake house, local diner or other breakfast joint, a fluffy pancake isn’t too hard to make at home. Making pancakes from scratch only takes a few ingredients. Flour, baking powder, sugar and a few other items are basically all that is necessary.

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Many pre-made pancake mixes are quite tasty. From classic Krusteaz pancake mix to the new Kodiak Cakes protein packed pancake mix, these pre-made versions are simple and taste good. Add the wet ingredients to these mixes and pancakes are ready without a fuss.

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But, what if you like big, fluffy pancakes? Both from scratch and pancake mixes could be fluffier. Fluffy pancakes seem to absorb more of the toppings. From the sweet maple syrup to the melted butter, who wouldn’t want a more flavorful forkful every time?

One unlikely secret ingredient can help to create a fluffier pancake. That ingredient is sour cream. While it seems unlikely, sour cream adds a fluffy texture to pancakes. With a half to ¾ cup addition of sour cream to a recipe, the resulting pancakes are lighter and fluffier.

Fluffier pancakes do have a slightly spongy texture. While this description may not be desired in other recipes, the texture is great for pancakes. No one wants a dense, heavy pancake. Those types of pancakes sit in the stomach like lead. These fluffy style pancakes can have anyone wolf down a short stack in no time.

A quick recipe search can produce all types of recipes using sour cream as the secret ingredient. It can be used both with readymade pancake mixes or scratch recipes.

If you are searching for fluffier pancakes, try FoodSided’s secret ingredient recommendation. Sour cream isn’t just a taco or baked potato topping. Add it to the morning pancakes and taste the difference.