Forget NY and Chicago, the best pizza is at Yala’s Pizza

The best pizza isn't from New York or Chicago, it's in Lorain, Oh.
The best pizza isn't from New York or Chicago, it's in Lorain, Oh. /

The best pizza doesn’t have to be in Chicago or New York as Yala’s Pizza in Lorain, Ohio proves.

If you are traveling along the northern highways that cross from Cleveland to Toledo, Oh you may want to stop at Yala’s Pizza for the best you pie you may ever have.

We all have our favorite pizzas from Brooklyn Style to Chicago deep dish, and I suppose those who think that California style pizza is actually pizza, be it in our own community or someone else’s, we tend to defend it as the best.

I live in North Carolina and while I’m not really a huge fan of traveling back to my previous home in Ohio, a small family owned pizza place makes the trip so worth it. Yala’s Pizza shares it’s take-out only parlor with another local traditional pizza, Elisio’s. The two have been married together since 1976.

It was in ’76 that Eliseo DeSantis bought Yala’s Pizzaria from the Telloni and Armelie family but he did so with the caveat that he would keep the two completely different style of pizza’s separate. Now, all these year’s later, the locals debate which one is better. I’m here to tell you that while they are both amazing, Yala’s is the best pizza I have ever had.

Located at 3352 Oberlin Avenue in Lorain, Oh. and just a few miles off the Ohio turnpike and route 2, Yala’s Pizza serves up an amazing pizza that you will want to go back for. The cheese is made in house and the pizza is handcrafted by the employees but this isn’t a chain restaurant. There is only the one.

The dough is flaky with a hint of butter but the best part is that the toppings leave little actual uncovered crust, even those who don’t eat crust on pizza have said they can’t stop eating this one.

For me what makes it over the top great is the sliced Italian sausage. Instead of rings, they are strips and each slice has three strips stacked in a layer. The “supreme” style comes with the usual, green pepper, sausage, mushroom, onion, pepperoni, etc.. and is an incredible melt in your mouth slice that won’t allow you to stop on one. Yala’s is the great diet buster you won’t regret.

For many, judging a pizza on how good it is won’t come until the second day and I can assure you that this pizza makes for a great breakfast and leftover lunch, if there is any left over. The base holds firm in the fridge and in the box to eat later and if you like to reheat leftover pizza, it tastes like it did the night before.

Yala’s knows they have something wonderful on their hands and they also know that their patrons love to have it available no matter where they are. Ask them for an uncooked pizza to take with you and they will give it to you. I tend to order a couple before I leave to head back home with me and I will have my in-laws bring uncooked pizzas with them as well.

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Honestly, I simply can’t get enough and I have been to Brooklyn and Chicago and if given the choice, I’d eat at Yala’s every time.