Pizzeria Uno, Harry & David now delivers Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza

Pizzeria Uno comes to Harry and David, photo provided by Harry and David
Pizzeria Uno comes to Harry and David, photo provided by Harry and David /

Craving Pizzeria Uno? Harry & David now delivers the Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza.

A classic never goes out of style. Pizzeria Uno has been serving iconic Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza since 1943. Now, Harry & David can deliver that delicious pizza directly to your door.

When it comes to pizza, many people have their favorite style. It goes beyond the pizza toppings debate. For some people, Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza is that hearty bite that satisfies when a thin pizza just feels like a cracker.

While detractors might call deep-dish pizza a casserole or even the infamous Anthony Bourdain called it an abomination, many people cannot get enough of the gigantic bite of pizza goodness. Whether it is the extra toppings, the thick, buttery crust or the need to eat this pizza with a fork, deep-dish pizza fans are loyal to the Chicago pizza style.

For many people Pizzeria Uno is a favorite deep-dish pizza choice. The original location on the corner of Ohio and Wabash in downtown Chicago opened in 1943. With that long, storied history, the pizza brand has built a legion of fans.

Now available via Harry & David, anyone can get the iconic recipe delivered to their door. That pizza craving can be satisfied without jumping on a plane to Chicago.

Six deep dish pizza options are available. They include Veggie Lover, Meat Lover and Original and combinations of those varieties.

Each deep-dish pizza arrives frozen. Consumers simply heat and serve from their kitchen.

If you have never had a Pizzeria Uno deep-dish pizza before, the Original is a must try. The buttery crust is topped with flavorful tomato sauce and rich mozzarella cheese. The whole pizza is sprinkled with Pecorino Romano cheese and a touch of oregano.

Since Chicago is the city of big shoulders, the Meat Lover pizza satisfies the heartiest appetites. The flavor from the Italian pork sausage is balanced by the gourmet pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms and onions. While you might want two pieces, it might need to be smaller slices.

If you want to order some Pizzeria Uno across the miles, head over to Harry & David and place an order.

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