Pizza Hut new Double It Box solves family food feuds

New Pizza Hut Double It Box, photo provided by Pizza Hut
New Pizza Hut Double It Box, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Pizza night just got easier thanks to the Pizza Hut new Double It Box.

Are you tired of family food feuds? Pizza Hut is here to solve that food debate with its new Double It Box. Now, there is no more fighting over which pizza to order tonight.

Many families have been ordering pizza to solve the family dinner dilemma. Now that the home cooking trend seems to be waning, people want the convenience of placing a dinner order. The only downside is which pizza to order.

It can be hard to order just one pizza for an entire family. While some households need multiple pizzas to satisfy those hungry teenagers, picking one preferred topping can be hard. When dad only wants sausage and mom wants mushrooms, it can be the pizza standoff where no one wants to pick a side.

The new Pizza Hut Double It Box solves that pizza debate. By ordering this menu option, there are two, one-topping medium pizzas in one box. Priced at $12.99, that offer is a huge value. It is basically, less than a $1 a slice. What can you buy for a dollar anymore?

This new pizza offering is important for families. While some family togetherness can be fun, the endless months of being in the close quarters together has caused everyone’s patience to be lessened. Now, that preferred pizza topping discussion could come with heated words and questionable gestures.

This new pizza offering is designed for families, but it is more than just keeping the family peace. The value makes it a great choice for everyone. $12.99 for two medium pizzas could be a college student’s meals for a couple of days (yes, cold pizza for breakfast is acceptable).

As other food costs continue to rise, consumers are looking for better values. When people need to stretch their dollar, this Pizza Hut offer delivers.

The Pizza Hut Double It Box is available at participating locations. It can be ordered via delivery, carryout or curbside pickup, where available.

Put an end to the food feud. Place an order for the Pizza Hut Double It Box and make pizza night a happy one.

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What is your favorite pizza topping? Does your family agree on favorite pizza toppings?