Del Taco brings sweetness to its new menu offerings

New Del Taco Menu items, photo provided by Del Taco
New Del Taco Menu items, photo provided by Del Taco /

A new year brings a Del Taco new menu and that’s pretty sweet.

For Del Taco fans, a three new menu items are a sweet reason to make a visit. Consider the “nation’s second-largest Mexican quick service restaurant,” the brand understands that it needs to keep its menu current and fresh to keep its coveted status. These new menu items will appeal to both current fans and will entice new guests to make a visit.

The three Del Taco new menu items are $1 Honey Mango Crispy Chicken Taco, $4 Honey Mango 3 PC. Crispy Chicken & Churros Box, and $5 Epic Honey Mango Crispy Chicken & Bacon Burrito. It is clear that the focus is all about the honey mango sauce.

While many restaurant brands are going for bold spicy, Del Taco is taking a different approach. The sweet, tropical flavor sets itself apart from the chicken sandwich wars. While mango has a touch of tanginess, the honey will play nicely with the richness from a crunchy chicken. Overall, it is a flavor experience that deserves to be tried.

According to Tim Hackbardt, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer, he said “Our new Honey Mango sauce will remind crispy chicken fans of that sweet and sour sauce they grew up with, but with a Del Taco flavor twist.” That analogy is an interesting statement.

As 2021 begins, nostalgic food has been trending. That sweet and sour sauce flavor brings back memories for many people. Even though the dish might be slightly different the flavor is quite craveable.

Lastly, Del Taco has an interesting combination with Chicken and Churros. While chicken and waffles has been overdone, the idea of chicken and churros deserves a moment. That cinnamon sugar with the mango honey could the best menu item of them all.

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The Del Taco new menu items are available at participating restaurants now.

What do you think of the mango and honey sauce? Do you think that these flavors could be a new trend for 2021?