Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack embraces the chilly season

For beer drinkers who want options, Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack is a must try.

With a chill in the air, the Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack has a beer option for any and every winter activity. From popping open a victory beer to refreshment after hitting the slopes, a seasonal beers deserves to be savored before the warm weather hits.

At the end of last year, Samuel Adams hit all the spicy notes with its Holiday Beers. While some people might have a few of those beers hidden in the refrigerator, a new batch of seasonal beers are a refreshing way to kick off the new year. These beers bring a taste of brightness to whisk away those winter blues.

In the 12-bottle Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack, it features an assortments of spring seasonal beers. Including Boston Lager, Cold Snap and Alpine Lager. While the iconic Boston Lager is always in season, the Cold Snap and Aline Lager are the two limited edition beers.


Samuel Adams Cold Snap beer available in Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack

Samuel Adams Cold Snap, photo provided by Samuel Adams

Consider by some as the number one Spring Seasonal Beer, Cold Snap is an unfiltered white ale. A white ale can be referred to as a witbier, which tends to be a low alcohol wheat beer.

The Cold Snap has a variety of fruit forward flavors. Blending those bright flavors with spices and other floral notes, it is refreshing on a chilly it. In some ways, it tends to break that frosty air.

The Alpine Lager is an unfiltered lager. While a somewhat hazy beer, the malty notes add a crispy note to the drinking experience. With the brightness of the citrus flavors, it is that instant pick me up. This beer is a delightful refreshment after coming in from the brisk cold.

The Samuel Adams Gameday Variety Pack, Cold Snap and Alpine Lager seasonal offerings are available now for a limited time. But, you might want to grab a couple of bottles before the weather gets too warm. As the flowers start to bloom, another great seasonal beer will be ready to pour.


What is your favorite Samuel Adams seasonal beer? Are you excited to sip these beers?