Wisconsin Cheese believes cheese is the universal love language

For the Love of Cheese, Wisconsin Cheese Valentine's Day promo photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese
For the Love of Cheese, Wisconsin Cheese Valentine's Day promo photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

This Valentine’s Day, Wisconsin Cheese is the perfect way to say I love you.

On Valentine’s Day, it is acceptable to be cheesy. Luckily, Wisconsin Cheese is melting everyone’s hearts this holiday. Even if the past year has been a little blue, it is time to push away that funk and enjoy the good (or gouda) life. Are you ready to celebrate for the love of cheese?

Suzanne Fanning, Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, said “In Wisconsin, cheese is our love language, and we know many of our fans across the country feel the same way, so this is a “grate” way to celebrate with cheese lovers nationwide.”

For Valentine’s Day, the brand wants to share that love of cheese with everyone. Whether you have a special someone who needs a cheesy greeting or you want to bring the romance for Valentine’s Day, there are 500 limited edition boxes that will be given away. Entries are available through January 31.

While some lucky people will get this special gift of cheese, you can create your own love of cheese Valentine’s Day cheese board featuring some of the special Wisconsin Cheese offerings. Here are some tasty choices that are Valentine’s Day perfection.

Ultimate indulgence

Since Valentine’s Day is often about the over the top indulgence, the Wood River Creamery Black Truffle Cheddar Gruyere is the perfect cheese to savor over a long, luxurious night. As the truffle aroma beckons, the complex cheddar gruyere blend invites a passionate discussion. If you are open to the experience, this cheese is ready to be discovered.

Bring on the blue

For many people, the pungent flavor of blue cheese is a craving that needs to be satisfied. The Roth Buttermilk Blue is a creamy blue cheese that will make you fall in love with the first bite. Consider serving this blue cheese with a little local honey to highlight the flavor.

Bring on the buttery goodness

As a cheese lover, the Cedar Grove Butterkäse is a luscious cheese that could make even the most ardent cheese eater will swoon over creamy texture. It feels a little decadent but you will want to eat it all, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Wisconsin Cheese brings the Valentine's Day love with cheese
For the Love of Cheese, Wisconsin Cheese Valentine’s Day promo photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

Sophistication at its finest

While many people think about wine and cheese, the Henning’s Maple Bourbon Cheddar is the cheese that deserves a different pairing. The white cheddar has melded with flavors of maple, caramel and molasses. Although you could pour yourself a Manhattan to slowly sip as you savor, a plate of chocolate truffles and cheese could make the perfect Valentine‘s Day dessert.

Sealed with a chocolate kiss

If you are looking to enhance the flavor to a Valentine’s Day dessert, the Crave Brothers Chocolate Mascarpone is must. Whether served simply with a plate of strawberries or even incorporated into a hot chocolate, this mascarpone is the perfect ending to a romantic evening.

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This year, Valentine’s Day make it a cheesy one. With some Wisconsin Cheese as part of the celebration, there will be plenty of love on the table.

How are you making Valentine’s Day special? Are you going to say it with cheese?