The most expensive piece of art isn’t found in a famous museum

The most expensive piece of art isn't found in a famous museum , Da Vinci of Debt, photo provided by Natural Light
The most expensive piece of art isn't found in a famous museum , Da Vinci of Debt, photo provided by Natural Light /

The most expensive piece of art could be similar to an item on your wall.

While some say that art is in the eye of the beholder, the most expensive piece of art actually has a tangible value. Without the auctioneer enticing bidders to raise the price, this art installation is more than just an estimation of value. Since art is meant to elicit a reaction, many people will have strong reactions to this piece.

Although no one would have expected a beer brand to delve into the art world, Natural Light Beer took that plunge. With the unveiling of Da Vinci of Debt, the piece became the most expensive piece of art in the world. Although art historians might debt that moniker, the art installation does have a value of $470 million. Yes, really.

The Da Vinci of Debt is compromised of “2,600 authentic, physical diplomas provided by real college graduated across the country.” While going to college has become part of the cultural collective, the debt that is associated with that education is daunting. Studies have commented that the average college graduate has over $180,000 debt. Based on that number, it is almost insurmountable amount of debt that will take them decades to overcome.

While some people might have deep pockets to buy beautiful art to hang on their walls, many people leave college and struggle to just pay off their debt. The idea of splurge money might be far from their mind.

The most expensive piece of art
Da Vinci of Debt, photo provided by Natural Light /

Some people in the art world have paid $120,000 for a banana. Do you remember the chicken sandwich art at Art Basel? Who doesn’t remember the Banksy that was sold for millions only to be shred once the gavel dropped. While art value is arbitrary, the Da Vinci of Debt does has tangible, real money spent.

Daniel Blake, Vice President of Value Brands at Anheuser-Busch, said “The art world is filled with absurd price tags that most people find impossible to justify. That’s what made it the perfect medium for this campaign. It’s a very fitting analogy for the outrageous cost of attending a typical four-year college. Through Da Vinci of Debt, we hope to inspire action around the college debt crisis and drive more fans to enter for a chance to have the Natty College Debt Relief Program pay down their student loans.”

For those who are unfamiliar, the Natural Light College Debt Relief program began in 2018. The program provides $1 million a year to help reduce the college debt burden. Over a ten-year period, Natural Light has committed $10 million to the cause.

This special art installation is located in the Vanderbilt Hall in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. In addition, the artwork can be experienced virtually online.

Lastly, if some art collector wants to add this installation to their collection, serious bids are welcome. Maybe instead of buying the art, a person could offer to wipe away that college debt for some deserving graduates. It could be money well spent.

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