Gaylord Palms Pirate Speakeasy shakes up adventurous cocktails

Gaylord Palms Pirate Cocktails, photo provided by Gaylord Palms
Gaylord Palms Pirate Cocktails, photo provided by Gaylord Palms /

Move over grog because the Gaylord Palms Pirate Speakeasy cocktails are a treasure.

The buccaneer life is waiting at the Gaylord Palms Pirate Speakeasy. While a swashbuckling adventure awaits, these themed cocktails will have you ready to travel the sea sevens in search of the next great adventure. Whether you enjoy one cocktail or seek to sample them all, the pirate’s life offers a flavorful journey.

Periodically, the Gaylord Palms Speakeasy adopts a special theme. From the spooky cocktails at Halloween to the spirited cocktails at the holidays, these limited time cocktails are a special reason to plan a night out or even a weekend getaway.

During the Pirates and Princess Weekends, the speakeasy is the pirate hideaway. Since pirates seek an adventure on the high seas, these cocktails use tropical flavors to build a taste of adventure. Whether you want to explore a new flavor combination or prefer a journey towards something more familiar, there is cocktail to fit your sipping pleasure.

One warming cocktail that rethinks the idea of grog is the Captain’s Private Stock. With comforting flavors of cinnamon and spice, the spiced rum isn’t all sweet. With a touch of ginger beer and the foam garnish, this cocktail is treasure that needs to be captured.

Gaylord Palms Pirate Speakeasy cocktails
Gaylord Palms Pirate Cocktails, photo provided by Gaylord Palms /

The Pirates Rumedy is a more traditional tropical cocktail. With combination of fruit juices and a splash of rum, this cocktail will have you singing the pirate’s life for me.

And, if you prefer a classic cocktail the Bottom of the Barrel is a take on the old-fashioned. The cardamon bitters and the smoked bourbon will have you feeling like your king of the ship.

Of course, the pirates aren’t the only people getting a special cocktail. For all the princesses of the high seas, the Starlight Princess cocktail is pretty in pink. Plus, who can resist a little edible glitter and crown. You do have to provide your own scepter.

Gaylord Palms Pirate Speakeasy mocktail
Gaylord Palms Pirate Cocktails, photo provided by Gaylord Palms /

Whether you are part of a sober curious movement or a younger guests, the Gaylord Palms Pirate Speakeasy has some mocktails, too. Yes, it is time to release the Kraken. This mocktail has a touch of mystery like its namesake. The color changing mocktail is a must try.

Also, the Captain’s Brew, part of the Pirate Outpost Invasion show, is a sweet treat. With cream soda and caramel and butter extract, it is definitely a sweet treat to savor.

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The Gaylord Palms Pirates Speakeasy is open during Pirates and Princess Weekends. The event runs through March 7, 2021.

Are you ready to raise a toast to the pirate life or walk the plank?