Pillsbury Valentine’s Day cookies bring the baking love

Pillsbury Valentine's Day cookes, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Valentine's Day cookes, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Pillsbury Valentine’s Day cookies will have you skipping the chocolate.

A freshly baked cookie can be the tasty I love and Pillsbury Valentine’s Day cookies make it easy for any home baker. Even the kids can enjoy creating a sweet treat for the family celebration. What Pillsbury baking creativity will inspire you?

Many Valentine’s Day celebrations involve a sweet treat. While chocolate might be traditional, it doesn’t have to be the only option. Cookies could be the perfect way to say I love you.

Pillsbury Valentine’s Day cookies are a great choice for the home baker. Since the cookie dough is ready to be baked, even the person who normally doesn’t turn on the oven can master these cookies.

Whether you choose the Hearts Shape Sugar Cookie Dough or the Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough, these cookies can be your love on a plate. While you could serve them simply, these cookies can inspire some creativity in the kitchen.

For example, the Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough offers the perfect heart cookies. Simply decorating them with sprinkles or a little frosting is a great choice.

Additionally, you can add a cookie stick and turn the hearts into a cookie bouquet. Many people would prefer to have a cookie bouquet over flowers. And, since these cookies were made with love, it could be even more meaningful.

Another option would be to use the Hearts Shape Sugar Cookie Dough to create mini ice cream sandwiches. Pick a favorite ice cream and make a simple ice cream sandwich. Or, you could use Nutella, peanut butter or even just some whipped cream. Sometimes, two cookies are better than one.

Whether you create a whole dessert out of these Pillsbury Valentine’s Day cookies or just eat them fresh from the oven, many people would be happy to enjoy them on February 14.

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