Have you ordered from the secret Disney hot dog menu yet?

Hot Diggity Dog at Disney Springs, photo by Cristine Struble
Hot Diggity Dog at Disney Springs, photo by Cristine Struble /

Disney food is always a treat, but the secret Disney hot dog is over the top.

Would you like to be in the food know? There is a special secret Disney hot dog waiting at Disney Springs. Revealed on the Disney Parks TikTok channel, “The King Dog” is a food mash-up that no one would have expected from Disney chefs. Are you prepared for this particular food flavor combination?

Sometimes Disney Parks have special limited time, in-the know food offerings. While the Epcot festivals bring fantastic plates and the holidays bring special treats, a few other offerings make people head to Disney just to get that special bite.

For guests of the Hot Diggity Dog food truck in Disney Springs, a special, unique and unusual hot dog is waiting to be enjoyed. To be clear, it isn’t on the menu board and you do have to know the special, secret phrase. All the details are revealed on the Disney TikTok video.

While FoodSided is always up for a food challenge, unusual ingredient twist or even an unlikely protein, this particular secret Disney hot dog is probably one of the most ambitious dishes for any Disney food.

Truthfully, Disney has done a great job with its hot dog options over the year. Personally, the plant-based hot dogs with their flavorful slaw are some of the best bites on Disney property. Still, this secret Disney hot dog made us scratch our head.

Building off a classic, all-beef hot dog, it is drizzled with spicy peanut butter, banana honey mustard, and chipotle-berry preserves. The hot dog is stuffed with billionaire’s bacon and served on French-toast battered and cereal dipped bun.

To say that these ingredients are far from the traditional ketchup and mustard is an understatement. No one would have guessed that Disney would serve this adventurous flavor combination.

If you break down the components of this dish, they sound good. A chipotle-berry preserves sauce would be great on French Toast. It might even be tasty on fried chicken. The same can be said of the banana honey mustard.

In some ways, the flavor combinations almost sound like a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. Still, that beef hot dog is the predominate flavor. While there is that spicy and sweet combination, it is an unusual food mash-up.

If you want to try this secret Disney hot dog menu item, head over to the Hot Diggity Dog food truck and start singing. Make sure to take a picture of this epic food item and share your thoughts. It is definitely on the opposite side of the flavor spectrum than that Mickey pretzel.

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What do you think of this Disney food offering? Do you think that more secret menu items could be coming?