10 popping good popcorn facts that make it the best snack

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Do you know these popcorn facts for the best snack ever?

While people might debate the best snack, these popcorn facts will have you understanding why popcorn is a kernel ahead of all other snacks. It is time to get popping and enjoy some tasty popcorn.

Whether it is that classic movie snack or Cheetos flavored, popcorn comes in all colors, flavors and varieties. Since those little kernels have been popping for centuries many people have enjoyed the food as a snack. Although many people happily devour handful after handful, how many interesting popcorn facts do you know?

Did you know that it is the water in a popcorn kernel that causes it to pop? One a kernel hits a certain temperature, the water turns to steam and the kernel pops.

But, there are often those kernels that don’t pop . Those un-popped kernels are called Old Maids. Next time you are playing the card game with some popcorn, you have an interesting fact to share.

While Illinois’s favorite snack might be popcorn, Nebraska produces the most popcorn in America. With billions of quarts of popcorn eated, that is a lot of popcorn produced.

Popcorn is often served as a snack because it is often seen as a healthy snack alternative. Most versions are lower in calorie than potato chips. Also, popcorn is considered gluten free which makes it a popular snack option in many homes.

Legend has it that popcorn was served at the first Thanksgiving. Although this story has been debunked, it is believed that popcorn existed in Peru during 4700 BC.

The first popcorn machine does date back to 1893. Charles Cretors created a machine that automated the cooking of popcorn. Between the aroma of popped corn and roasted nuts, Cretors found a way to make people crave his snacks.

Although many people enjoy a bucket of popcorn at a movie theater, most popcorn is enjoyed at home. Whether you are watching a movie or the big game, popcorn is often in that bowl.

Un-popped kernels should never be stored in the refrigerator. If the scant amount of water in the kernel is lost, the kernel will never pop.

Popcorn has some health benefits. From being a whole grain to containing fiber and antioxidants, all those handfuls of popcorn aren’t too bad for you.

While there are many flavors of popcorn, there are two basic shapes, butterfly and mushroom. If you prefer caramel corn, the mushroom shape is best because it can hold all that sticky, sweet flavor. Butterfly shaped popcorn is better for powdered flavor.

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These popcorn facts are just a few ideas to snack on while enjoying that next bowl of popcorn. Are hungry for popcorn yet?