Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix is ultimate snack mix

New Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix is ultimate snack mix photo provided by Cheetos
New Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix is ultimate snack mix photo provided by Cheetos /

Prepare for Cheetle because Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix is here.

Resolve to enjoy the ultimate snack with Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix. Combining two tasty Cheetos snacks into one bag, this new snack food will have everyone wanting to grab at least one bag. More importantly, don’t let anyone steal your bag from the pantry.

In a simple, yet genius move, the Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix combines the Cheetos Popcorn with the Cheetos Crunchy. It is a Cheetos cheesy extravaganza in a bowl.

While snack food trends ebb and flow, this snack mix seems to capture what people want. Instead of having to choose one snack or another, Cheetos is bringing the best of both worlds to one snack bag.

Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and CMO, Frito-Lay North America, said “For our brands, we saw trends like Cheetos recipe searches skyrocketing 190%. So now we’re thinking with that lens through everything we introduce to the world. Hopefully Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix can provide a small moment of joy and bring a few smiles this year.”

Looking at that statement, the use of snacks beyond the snack bowl is growing. Whether it is the Cheetos recipes from the Cheetos cookbook or creating a signature snack mix, snack food lends itself to creativity. From experimenting with flavors to combining textures, it is fun to play with your food.

Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix
Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix, photo provided by Cheetos /

Recently, I was sent a bag of the new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix to enjoy. While the two flavors are the same, it is difference in textures that makes this snack so enjoyable. Whether you cautiously pick piece by piece to eat or prefer to enjoy by the handful, the various types of crunch are quite appealing.

While Cheetos launched this snack mix with the classic Cheetos flavors, it begs the question, what could the next snack mix be? A simple prediction would be a combination of classic Cheetos with Flamin’ Hot. The same could be done with crunchy Cheetos, Cheetos Popcorn and Puffy Cheetos. The options are many.

Since Cheetos is under the PepsiCo umbrella, there could be many more mix possibilities. From Lay’s Chips to Rold Gold Pretzels, the snack mix combinations are almost limitless.

Still, one issue needs to be settled. Where do you hide this bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix? According to a Frito-Lay Snack survey, almost half of American have stolen snacks from loved ones.

Although some people might have that special hiding spot, others might need a secret spot to hide this new snack. Since my kids haven’t discovered my hiding spot, I’m not going to share my secret. Luckily, my bag is still safe until my Cheetle hands give me away.

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The new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix will be available at various retailers. It will be sold in a 7 oz bag ($3.99) and a 2.25 oz bag ($1.89).

What do you think of the new Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix? Are you going to find a secret place to stash this new Cheetos snack?