Got Cheetle? Cheetos Popcorn celebrates that finger licking cheesy goodness

Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn, photo provided by Cheetos
Cheetos Flamin' Hot Popcorn, photo provided by Cheetos /

Cheetle might be a new word, but Cheetos fans know it well. With the new Cheetos Popcorn, that iconic Cheetos dust is making popcorn even tastier.

Now, Chester isn’t playing a prank on Cheetos fans. Cheetos Popcorn is coming to store shelves and snack fans will be grabbing two bags. But, before you pop open one for a taste test, make sure that you can properly describe that Cheetos goodness. Can you spell Cheetle?

In many cases, snacks transcend a tasty treat or a way to curb hunger. Cheetos, and Chester Cheetah, have become an integral part of pop culture. From fans wearing the brand on their sleeves to incorporating the snack into their favorite sandwich, Cheetos are, and will continue to be, more than just a snack.

Cheetos fans have come to understand that eating Cheetos sometimes comes with a tell-tale sign. While some people believe it is a badge of honor, others know that the Cheetos dust can reveal that you ate the snack (remember that commercial).

While many people are familiar with the Cheetos dust, it never had an official name, until now. Cheetle is the official term for that Cheetos dust. More importantly than coining a name, that Cheetle is part of a new Cheetos snack, Cheetos Popcorn.

Available now, the Cheetos dust is infusing two types of popcorn, a cheddar and a Flamin’ Hot flavor. Basically, Cheetos dust replaces the salt and butter for Cheetos dust. It is like the ultimate flavor boost for that traditional popcorn.

This idea is a great expansion for Cheetos. As seen at the Chester’s Spot in Madison Square Garden, fans have adored the idea of combining popcorn and Cheetos. It was the perfect combination of the two snacks. Many people would rather have bold, flavored popcorn and why shouldn’t it be flavored with their favorite snack.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste test these two new Cheetos Popcorn flavors. The  cheddar flavor does have that classic Cheetos flavor. In a way, this snack is even more addictive than a regular bag of Cheetos. Without noticing, the bag was a 1/3 gone before I knew it.

The most important takeaway from this popcorn is the level of seasoning on each piece. Anyone who has had a flavored popcorn understands that some pieces have more flavor than others. With the Cheetos Popcorn all the pieces are abundantly seasoned. No one will have to worry about finding a plain one in the bunch.

For the Flamin’ Hot fans, the heat is definitely on display in this popcorn. While not extreme, it is the punch of flavor that people crave. Unlike the Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Kettle Chips announced recently, this Flamin’ Hot is subtle. It is part of the nature of popcorn. Still, it has all the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto goodness that fans will want.

If you are wondering about the Cheetle fingers, yes you better have a napkin on hand when eating this popcorn. That tell-tale Cheetos fingers will be apparent when you are done snacking.

Cheetos Popcorn
New Cheetos Popcorn, photo provided by Cheetos /

The expansion into popcorn is a great idea for Cheetos. Popcorn is one of those snacks that people enjoy eating. Whether watching a movie, cheering another touchdown or just a quick snack, popcorn fits every occasion.

After trying the two popcorn flavors, it sparked some conversations about snack mixes. Sometimes mixing popcorn with something sweet can be quite tasty. While I haven’t figured out the right combination yet, a candy/Cheetos Popcorn snack mix might be planned for February’s Big Game Party.

The new Cheetos Popcorn, in both Cheddar and Flamin’ Hot, will be hitting store shelves across the nation. The Cheddar will be available in a 7 oz bag, the Flamin’ Hot will be available in a 6.5 oz bag, and a smaller bag, 2 oz, will be available in both varieties.

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What do you think of the new Cheetos Popcorn? Do you have a great Cheetle story to tell?