Chester’s Spot by Cheetos is a must visit at Madison Square Garden


Madison Square Garden might become foodies’ must visit arena. Chester’s Spot by Cheetos offers the ultimate snack food mash-up that everyone wants to taste.

Have you heard of Chester’s Spot by Cheetos? Located in Madison Square Garden this first-ever, permanent concession stand features some of the most creative, tasty Cheetos inspired recipes. Are you ready to head to Madison Square Garden for a taste?

Food and sports, concession stands and stadium offerings have evolved over the years. From celebrity chef collaborations to over the top flavor combinations, the boring hot dog and pretzel is long forgotten.

Many people, including chefs and celebrities, love their Cheetos. In the past couple of years, Cheetos pop-up restaurants have been extremely popular. While only a few got a reservation at the Flamin’ Hot Spot, many people tried to recreate those recipes at home.

Even more so, Cheetos are more than just a tasty snack. Sure, people might complain about the Cheetos dust on their hands, but those crunchy, cheesy bites can be transformed into all types of delicious dishes.

At the Chester’s Spot by Cheetos at Madison Square Garden, the menu is highly creative yet still approachable for all guests at the legendary sports and entertainment destination. As part of PepsiCo Foodservice’s branch, this permanent concession stand could impact all types of venues going forward. Could a dueling Doritos deli be coming next?

For foodies, the menu items deliver both on creativity and flavor. While the Cheetos popcorn might be the game watching snack (and one easily recreated at home), a few other menu items really push the creativity level.

Here are some of FoodSided’s recommendations.

Chester’s Spot by Cheetos at Madison Square Garden, photo provided by Chester’s Spot by Cheetos

Mac and Cheetos

If you have never added some crunchy Cheetos goodness to your mac and cheese, you are in for a treat. While the pasta is “dressed with a specially formulated Cheetos flavored oil,” the crushed Cheetos topping is the game changer. Even if you don’t like bread topping on your mac and cheese, you will change your mind.

Cheetos Crusted Pretzel

What can make a pretzel tastier – Cheetos, of course. This pretzel gets some flavor from the Cheetos flavored oil and is smothered in crushed Cheetos. There is a side of Cheetos cheese sauce, too. You might want to ask for an extra sauce.

Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Dog

Why have a plain hot dog when you can have a Flamin’ Hot Dog! The hot dog is smothered in Flamin’ Hot and Cheetos Cheese Sauce. Make sure you grab a few extra napkins to make sure that you don’t spill all over your jersey.

Cheetos Ice Cream Sundae

Probably the most creative item, and maybe a little controversial, is this dessert. If you like dunking French fries into ice cream, this sundae could be your new obsession. From the Cheetos on top to the Cheetos sauce, it is definitely a salty and sweet spoonful.

If you are looking to satisfy your Cheetos craving, make a visit to the Chester’s Spot by Cheetos at Madison Square Garden. It could inspire some creative Cheetos dishes at your home.

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Which of these Cheetos inspired dishes would you want to try? Are you ready to push the flavor boundaries?