Your Cheetos look like what? Time to share you Cheetos shapes


Cheetos are an iconic snack. But, could that brightly colored snack be more than just a snack? What Cheetos shapes do you see?

How do you eat Cheetos? Do you gaze and daydream about crazy Cheetos shapes or do you just grab and eat? For those snack eaters who gaze longingly at their brightly colored snacks, the snack brand wants to reward your imaginative snacking.

Cheetos has such a loyal fan base. Whether you love the fiery, Flamin’ variety or the puffy version, that favorite snack is more than just sustenance. Snacking, especially this brand, is meant to be fun. Who can’t help but laugh (and lick her fingers) when they are covered in that orange Cheetos-dust?

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Over the years, the brand has found new ways to celebrate the iconic, favorite snack. For example, there has been an all-Cheetos pop-up restaurant and cookbook. People are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite snack. Now, the brand wants to know what you see in your favorite snack.

Sometimes people see something special in that bag of Cheetos. Of course, imagination is key to this fun. If you aren’t creative, maybe that snack just looks like a Cheeto. For some people, that snack is a cuddly teddy bear, a chomping alligator or maybe a guitar.

If can find the unexpected in your snack bag, the brand could be offering you a huge reward. Those interesting shapes could win you “unforgettable experiences and prizes.” According to the brand, “now through September 2, Cheetos fans can submit a photo of their uniquely shaped Cheetos snacks with a description for the chance to win a prize inspired by what they see.”

To be completely honest, I have never had a potato chip shaped like the state of Wisconsin or Thor’s hammer. Maybe I just blindly eat and don’t study my snack bag. But, I am quite amused when I see these submissions from other people.

A quick search produces lots of people who see palm trees, walking men and a myriad of other images in their snacks. Once I look at these intriguing images, I totally see the snack inspiration. Maybe I just need to open my snacking mind a little more.

Given the current brand promotion, I would love to find a surf board or some snorkeling gear in my Cheetos bag. A tropical vacation sounds quite delightful right now. Still, the image needs to come from the snack. No manipulating the snack just to make it look like something else.

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Do you have some visually impressive Cheetos in your house? Share your Cheetos shapes for the chance to win. I will be watching all the submissions because it is great food fun. Everyone should have a little fun with their snacks, right?