5 best chips for summer barbecues


Summer barbecues are filled with snacks. These five best chips will keep everyone happy and snacking all day long.

Chips and summer barbecues are a classic pairing. Finding the best chips that the majority of guests enjoy can be chore. Last year, WalletHub said that 80 million bags of chips were purchased for the July 4th holiday. With so many flavors, styles and varieties available, which chips are best for your next summer barbecue?

A walk down the snack aisle can be daunting. Shelves are filled with so many brands, flavors and options. Even the classic potato chip can have so many options. What should a host buy?

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When choosing some snacks or chips for a summer barbecue, there are some different options. A classic, plain potato chip is always a good idea. After the classic chip is added to the basket, think about variety. From a fun, spicy flavor to a limited edition flavor, an assortment of chips will appease everyone.

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for the five best chips for summer barbecues.

Lay’s Poppables Honey Barbecue, photo provided by Frito Lay

Lay’s Poppables Honey BBQ

A new flavor in the snack aisle, this light-textured potato snack is quite flavorful. The smaller shape will have you grabbing a handful. With a lower calorie count, you can enjoy that handful without the guilt. Plus, the Honey BBQ flavor complements just about anything that is served on the grill.

Doritos Blaze

Who’s ready for a big spicy kick? The newest Doritos flavor, Doritos Blaze, definitely brings the heat. The best part is the warm linger that lasts after that final crunch. Also, these Doritos are great crumbled on top of a hamburger. The crunch and heat makes for a delicious bite.

Cheetos Stars Summertime Ranch, photo provided by Frito Lay

Cheetos Stars Summertime Ranch

Who doesn’t love Cheetos? Available for just a limited time, this version, Cheetos Stars Summertime Ranch has bold, yummy ranch flavor. Even more fun, the snacks are shaped like stars. Who wouldn’t fee festive with these snacks.

Plain Lay’s Potato Chips

Who doesn’t love just a plain, classic potato chip? Lay’s Potato Chips have been a favorite forever. Whether eaten on its own or paired with a dip, the classic potato chips is always a good choice. Plus, these chips are great to have on hand for allergy suffers. No one wants to be left out of the snacking fun.


What’s better on a chili hot dog? Fritos, of course! While Fritos come in a variety of flavors, the classic corn chip offers tons of versatility. From a snack to the scoop for dip, you can’t go wrong with this classic corn chip.

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