5 must have kitchen gadgets for your summer barbecue


Summer barbecue season is here. Do you have these five must have summer barbecue kitchen gadgets that can make your life easier?

What five summer barbecue kitchen gadgets are must haves for your summer gathering? When it comes to summer entertaining, the host wants gadgets that makes her life easier. From kitchen prep to serving, kitchen essentials that get the job done easily and effectively are key. More importantly all of these kitchen gadgets are under $20. Do you have any of these kitchen gadgets in your tool kit?

Chef’n Cob™ Corn Stripper

Corn on the cob and summer barbecues go hand and hand. Fresh from the farm sweet corn always tastes better in summer. Unfortunately, stripping the corn kernels off the cob can be cumbersome. With the Chef’n Cob, a simple twist easily strips the kernels off. From salsa to salad, it does the prep work for you. Plus, if you love corn but hate eating it off the cob, this kitchen gadget is for you. The Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper is $7.99.

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Chef’n Bramble Berry Rinse & Carry Basket

Summer berries seem like the perfect, easy dessert. Even just a bowl of berries with a little sugar or a scoop of ice cream is a nice way to end a meal. With the Chef’n Bramble Berry Rinse & Carry Basket, cleaning those berries is easy. This gadget goes from sink to table. No one wants to wash extra dishes in the summer.

The Chef’n Bramble Berry Rinse & Carry Basket retails for $14.99.

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Chef’n StemGem

Unless you are a professional chef, hulling strawberries can be tiresome. Why struggle when the Chef’n StemGem makes quick work of this kitchen prep. With just a push of a button, this gadget hulls strawberries efficiently. No more stems to get in the way.

Rabbit Magnetic Bottle Opener

Beverages are an important part to any summer gathering or barbecue. Opening all those bottles can leave a mess. With the Rabbit Magnetic Bottle Opener, you don’t have to worry about errant bottle caps. The magnet pulls caps into the opener. The opener catches up to six caps.
The Rabbit Magnetic Bottle Opener retails for $10.

Chef’n Lemon-Aid Citrus Spiralize

Some seltzer water to a perfect cocktail, a citrus ribbon garnish adds a touch of elegance to any beverage. While the professional mixologist can create a perfect spiral easily, the normal person can struggle. With the Chef’n Lemon-Aid Citrus Spiralizer makes the perfect citrus garnish. Lemons, limes or oranges become ribbons with this must have kitchen gadget.

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What are your favorite summer barbecue kitchen gadgets? Share yours below and maybe they will be featured in our next round-up.