Anna Kendrick has a few favorite snacks to sing about this holiday season


As the first note of the classic holiday tune hits, Anna Kendrick joyfully shares her favorite snacks this holiday season. Are you ready to sing your own favorite snack tune?

During the holiday season, everyone is ready to celebrate, including Anna Kendrick. This year, Kendrick has joined with Frito-Lay to spread the joy of her favorite snacks in this new rendition of “Favorite Things.” Are there some relatable snacking moments to your holiday happenings?

Whether there is snow on the ground or holiday decorations in your palm tree, the holiday season seems to bring people together. Friends, family and everyone in between tend to just be a little merrier. It could be all the extra snacks on the table.

This holiday season, Frito-Lay partnered with Kendrick to share this fun twist on the classic song, “Favorite Things.” Check out this video.

Given all the entertaining moments in this video, you might have to watch it a couple of times to catch everything. More importantly, it seems there is at least one moment (if not more) that have probably happened in your household.

Those holiday moments make this campaign so relatable. Beyond the holiday season, snacks tend to bring people together over shared experiences. From the Cheetos dust on your hands (which ends up on your shirt) to the snacking smiles that happens when you rip into a bag of Lay’s potato chips, everyone has had one of those experiences.

While this idea is a holiday campaign, a couple of items are interesting takeaways. First, who doesn’t now want to make a holiday snack house instead of a holiday gingerbread house? Skip the candy this year and upgrade Santa’s house with some Cheetos, Doritos and even some Fritos. That “snack house” will definitely be the talk of the holiday table.

Second, there is a subtle message in this commercial. The holiday season is often filled with high moments, excitement and joy. As the holiday decorations are put away, sometimes people tend to lose a little of that spirited fun. Just because a season changes, it doesn’t mean that togetherness, happiness and snacking joy is forgotten.

People shouldn’t need an excuse to grab some friends, open a bag of Doritos and binge watch movies on Netflix. Favorite snacks should bring people together all year round. If you can’t laugh at your friend when she smears Cheetos dust on her shirt, who can you laugh at?

The Anna Kendrick “Favorite Things” Frito-Lay ads will be appearing throughout the holiday season. When you see one, maybe it will remind you to celebrate the things that bring people together all year long. Shouldn’t that idea be one of everyone’s favorite things?

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What do you think of this new Frito-Lay campaign? Does it bring a smile to your face this holiday season?