Lay’s chips 12 Days of Flavors make for festive holiday snacking

Do you love Lay’s chips? Lay’s 12 Days of Flavors makes holiday snacking festive and entertaining. Can you guess the surprise inside?

Chips, specifically Lay’s chips, are always a popular snack. From its classic potato chip to Tastes of America Lay’s is and will continue to be a one of the most popular snacks. Since the holidays often involve a little fun and festivities, the Lay’s 12 Days of Flavors is an engaging way of celebrating the many chips in the Lay’s brand.

Recently, Lay’s graciously sent me its special holiday chip display. To make an easy analogy, it is similar to a food advent calendar. Instead of just opening another door to reveal a surprise, the door presents a riddle. The riddle is a clue to the chips hidden behind the door.

Now, some of the clues are relatively easy. Some are quite cute. One or two will make you scratch your head.


Lay’s 12 Days of Flavors, photo by Cristine Struble


In theory, you should go in order, 1 through 12. After all, Santa is watching and you want to remain on the nice list. No one will judge if you just have a craving for some barbecue chips and open that door a day or two early. Answering the clue correctly brings that early reward.

While the Lay’s 12 Days of Flavors was a special offering, anyone can create a similar idea at home. To create this type of chip experience, buy a few bags of Lay’s in different flavors. Then, use a shipping box (who doesn’t have a bunch around during the holidays). Create a clue on the outside and you’ve got your own 12 Days of Flavors.

Although these type of experiences are common around the holidays, it can be created any time of year. You could create one for exam week, countdown to summer vacation or even back to school. It is an entertaining idea to put some fun back into snack time.

Since Lay’s has so many chip flavors, there are many possibilities. Even just plain potato chip flavors could have their own experience. From classic to wavy to baked, just think of the many possibilities.

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As the New Year approaches, it will be curious to see what new flavors could join the Lay’s flavor family. While the Tastes of America unique choices saw some highly popular (and debated) choices, it will be interesting to see what other flavors snack fans are craving. Could some gochujang or harissa flavors be on the horizon?

A huge thank you to Lay’s for sharing its 12 Days of Flavors. These chips have made my holiday snacking both festive and fun.

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