Gochujang ketchup: Your fries deserve this ketchup upgrade


Plain ketchup needs to go back to the condiment aisle. Gochujang ketchup is the flavor upgrade that your fries, and more, deserve.

The word may be hard to pronounce, Gochujang, but the flavor is hard to resist. The fermented red chili paste is packed full of intense flavor. With hitting all the flavor profiles, spicy, sweet, savory, this Korean staple is showing up everywhere. Now, the classic ketchup is getting a spicy, savory upgrade.

Gochujang ketchup: Your fries deserve this ketchup upgrade, photo by Cristine Struble

Over the past couple of years, food trends have shown consumers want bigger, bolder flavors. Often, those bold flavors have come from “exotic” spices. The popular of sriracha was common in Asian cuisine long before it became a popular table condiment. While sriracha is still popular, foodies have moved onto another Asian ingredient.

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Gochujang is used in a variety of Korean dishes. Often used in bibimbap, the Korean hot sauce adds a huge punch of flavor. While the spice level varies, the flavor is full of umami. Umami is that taste component that makes a dish so flavorful. Without becoming unbearably spicy, salty or sour, the flavor boosts all the other components of the dish.

As people are more willing to explore this Korean hot sauce, the flavor is appearing in very approachable ways. One is Gochujang Ketchup. Created by Chef Edward Lee (610 Magnolia and MilkWood owner and former Top Chef contestant), this ketchup is the flavor boost that your French fries are wanting.

Not to knock regular ketchup, but this Korean ketchup adds a big tangy punch of flavor to any and every bite. The Gochujang ketchup is slightly thicker than regular ketchup and has a richer texture. While the heat is present, it isn’t overpowering. The heat lingers slightly, which makes you go back again and again. That component is the delicious umami flavor.

A simple taste test comparison is a perfect way to test Gochujang ketchup. Line up various ketchups for a taste test. After a few bites, anyone can see the complexities of this Korean influenced ketchup. Beyond just French fries, this ketchup is delicious on burgers, chicken or a recipe ingredient. The uses are many.

Gochujang ketchup is available for purchase on Amazon. A 2-pack of bottles retails for $14.99.

Give your French fries a flavor upgrade. Try Gochujang ketchup and your taste buds will thank you.