What is the cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich in the nation?

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Upgrade your sandwich with the cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich in the nation.

For many people, grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food. This cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich has been named the best in the nation. If you are ready for a flavor upgrade, this recipe might be the game changer for your family.

Some recipes are just classics. In many households, a grilled cheese is that perfect comfort food bite that brings a smile. Whether it is a cold winter day or just a day that needs a little cheering up, that classic sandwich is many people’s favorite food.

While people debate how to make the best grilled cheese, a few factors are always important. Although the cheese is the star flavor, the bread really does make a difference. Without a great bread, it would just be a plate of cheese. That combination of a crispy bread and melted cheese is part of the food satisfaction.

Recently, Sara Lee sought to find the cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich in the nation. Giving itself the title of the official bread of grilled cheese, it makes sense that the bread brand would want to find the cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich.

While many content creators and home cooks submitted their best recipes, only one recipe would be chosen as a winner. After a spirited vote, the winner of “Sara Lee Artesano’s Grilled Cheese Showdown was Allyson Reed Zae.” Her recipe for French Onion Grilled Cheese won over all the voters.

While Zae’s recipe uses gruyere and Vidalia onions, Sara Lee has a similar version that uses Swiss Cheese and yellow onions. Basically, both recipes combine flavors and textures to great the perfect bite.

If you choose to make either recipe at home, here are a few items to consider. First, it is really important to cook down the onions well. Just like the onions in a French Onion soup, they should be dark brown in color. The sweetness of the onion flavor helps to provide the contrast to the luscious flavor of the cheese.

Also, the bread is key in these recipes. A thicker bread ensures that it absorbs all the flavors while still standing up on its own. That crisp, crunch on the outside of the bread in direct contrast to the gooey center creates that delicious satisfying bite.

In Zae’s recipe and the Sara Lee recipe, both use Sara Lee Artesano Bread. That bread can stand up to the richness of the cheese and onions. Sometimes recipes use a Texas Toast, but the Sara Lee Artesano Bread tends to meld with a variety of flavors.

On the Sara Lee website, there are many grilled cheese recipes. From a classic grilled cheese to a Hawaiian inspired recipe, that classic comfort food sandwich can be transformed in many ways. What flavors will inspire your next sandwich?

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What is your favorite sandwich bread? Do you think that the bread really matters in a grilled cheese sandwich?