Longbranch Branch Water cocktail is Flat Matthew recommended

Matthew McConaughney and Longbranch, photo provided by Longbranch
Matthew McConaughney and Longbranch, photo provided by Longbranch /

Longbranch Branch Water cocktail could be your Big Game cocktail refresher. Whether or not you pair it with some 3D Doritos Crunch or another tasty Big Game snack, this Longbranch Bourbon cocktail could be the sip that turns any event from flat to fabulous.

Recently, it was announced that Matthew McConaughey is Flat Matthew in the Doritos 3D Crunch Super Bowl LV commercial. While everyone awaits to see the actual appearance of Flat Matthew, it brought up an interesting idea. Which Longbranch Bourbon cocktail would pair with that tasty Doritos snack?

Given that Matthew McConaughey helped to create Longbranch Bourbon, it seems fitting to serve a Longbranch Bourbon cocktail during the big game. While the bourbon brand has several delightful cocktails in its portfolio, this particular cocktail would play off Doritos flavors.

Is Flat Matthew ready to shake up a Longbranch Branch Water cocktail?

Branch Water

  • 2 parts Longbranch bourbon
  • Juice of half a lime
  • Top with sparkling water
  • Build in highball glass
  • (Optional: top with your favorite Dorito chip)

Thinking about this cocktail, it would be tasty with the 3D Doritos Crunch Spicy Ranch. The lime juice is a bright contrast to the creamy, spicy ranch flavors. While it might be difficult to use the 3D Doritos Crunch as a garnish, you can just have a bowl to the side. Or, another idea would be to add some Doritos dust to the side of the glass.

Since Longbranch Bourbon, from Wild Turkey, is an approachable bourbon it can pair well with a variety of food choices. From a bowl of your favorite snacks to Texas BBQ to even a slice of pecan pie, the food and beverage pairings are many.

Additionally, Longbranch Bourbon is just as enjoyable sipped neat as it is in a cocktail. Given the connection to this year’s big game, it could be the beverage to toast a team’s epic victory.

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What do you think of this food and beverage pairing? Do you think Matthew McConaughey would say it is alright?