Goldbelly serves up a championship food spread for the big game

Guy Fieri Trash Can Nachos/Goldbelly
Guy Fieri Trash Can Nachos/Goldbelly /

From Trash Can Nachos to the original Buffalo Wings, Goldbelly can bring that championship food spread directly to your table for the big game. Even though the gathering might be a little smaller this year, the food on the table can go even bigger than years past. It is time to kick that big game menu up a notch.

In the past year, Goldbelly has seen a surge in its popularity. With travel being limited, the company has brought those favorite food menus from across the country into the home. Whether it is the awesomeness of the PieCaken or taking a cooking class from the iconic Commander’s Palace, Goldbelly has answered the food wanderlust craving.

As the big game approaches, there are many food options that are synonymous with football game day. Since the final game of the season is more momentous than just another football Sunday, the game day menu needs to reflect the occasion.

Goldbelly is the champion of the big game menu.

While there are numerous tasty treats that could be ordered for the big game, a few options seem like classic choices. For example, the Guy Fieri Trash Can Nachos are a delicious option. Even though these nachos might not be quite as elevated as the offerings from Taste of the NFL or Guy’s offering from the Nacho Showdown, they deliver a win on game day.

Pizza and the big game are always a winning combination. Why not enjoy a new pizza trend, the Detroit Style Pizza from Emmy Squared. Detroit Pizza, with its sauce on top and cheese to the edges, is a great choice for a different slice this year. Just because Detroit never makes the big game doesn’t mean that its pizza style isn’t a winner.

Chicken wings and the big game are always a winning combination. Why not get the original Buffalo Wings from Anchor’s in Buffalo, New York. These iconic chicken wings are a must. Just remember to have a few extra napkins on hand for those sticky fingers.

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Whatever food you are craving, you can order it from Goldbelly. While everyone hopes that the game will be thrilling, it is important for the food to score a win, too.