How much do you know about Klondike ice cream bars?

Klondike Donuts, photo provided by Klondike
Klondike Donuts, photo provided by Klondike /

Klondike ice cream bars are an iconic frozen treat. But, how much do you know about those classic frozen desserts?

When a food is part of pop culture, Klondike ice cream bars bring excitement every time that they are unwrapped. While many people know the iconic jingle that questions what would you do for a Klondike Bar, how much do you really know about the iconic brand?

Did you know that the original ice cream was only sold in Pennsylvania and Ohio? It later expanded to Florida, New York and New England. Because of its Florida expansion, that infamous jingle is part of the iconic brand.

Because of that catchy tune, it propelled the brand to a national expansion. Over the years, the jingle has been used in all types of promotions. Many people have found super creative ways to celebrate the frozen treat. From simple ideas to elaborate events, people are willing to do a lot of that bar.

Even on the brand’s website, you can take a quiz to see which Klondike ice cream treat is perfect for your personality. The results might surprise.

While the classic chocolate and vanilla offering is the first frozen treat that comes to mind, it isn’t the only frozen dessert available from the brand. From bars to sandwiches to donuts and even choco tacos, there is a new treat for almost a month.

Last year, the Klondike Donut line launched. The newest flavor, coffee, takes that classic idea of coffee and donuts in a new direction. Even though you might think this frozen dessert offering is a little indulgent for breakfast, is it really different that that frozen coffee drink?

Klondike ice cream donuts in coffee flavor
New Klondike coffee ice cream donuts, photo provided by Klondike /

The frozen dessert innovation didn’t stop with the Donut line, now Shakes and Cones have launched. The shakes, served in a convenient pouch. Available in both chocolate and vanilla, these single serve shakes could become that treat to bring smiles on a difficult day. Who said that shakes need a straw?

The new Cones have many people ready to take a bite. Sold in a box of two flavors, the cones have a unique sauce that travels down the core of the cone.

While all the flavors are tasty, the Unicorn Dreamin’ Klondike Cones will be the most talked about offering. The super colorful frozen treat is described as “strawberry and bubblegum flavor, filled with a strawberry sauce core, and a green chocolatey-coated and chocolatey-tipped wafer cone.” Even if you didn’t think unicorns existed, this frozen dessert needs to be tried.

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From the Klondike Bars to Donuts to the new shakes and cones to even that Choco Taco, there are many frozen desserts and ice cream treats to enjoy. But the question still remains, what will you do for that Klondike Bar.