Klondike Donuts are the perfect excuse to have ice cream for breakfast

Klondike Donuts, photo provided by Klondike
Klondike Donuts, photo provided by Klondike /

Klondike Donuts might be the tasty way to celebrate National Donut Day.

What would you do for some Klondike Donuts? While that classic phrase is often associated with the classic Klondike ice cream treat, these new frozen treats blend the iconic Klondike bars with some classic donut flavors. From celebrating National Donut Day to just a fun summer frozen treat, these Klondike treats are the perfect excuse to have ice cream for breakfast.

Available in stores now, Klondike Donuts are available in three flavors, Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate and Frosted Strawberry. If those flavors sound like popular donut flavors, it is intentional. These frozen treats are meant to mimic popular donuts.

Each frozen treat not only looks like a classic donut shape but it has those special decorations, too. Everyone knows that a Frosted Strawberry donut need sprinkles. While it might not be a Duff Donut, this treat would make Homer Simpson drool.

Looking at the three different flavors, the Triple Chocolate is probably the most decadent flavor. While many people love chocolate ice cream, the extra chocolate puts this flavor over the top.

Klondike Donuts
Klondike Donuts, photo provided by Klondike /

For the prettiest choice, the Frosted Strawberry would be the top choice. While strawberry might not be the most popular ice cream flavor, the colorful treat is summer perfection. Plus, it might spark a new trend of frose and donuts.

Lastly, the Boston Cream flavor is probably the most unusual. Some people love that filled donut and others would prefer something different. Given the cream and chocolate combination it deserves to be tasted at least once. Maybe this frozen treat could see a resurgence in the donut’s popularity.

The Klondike Donuts are available in stores nationwide. To find a retailer near you, search the store locator tab.

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What would you do for a Klondike Donut? Personally, running an extra mile in the morning is a great reason to have one for breakfast.