Best bites in Springfield are a must have at Universal Studios Orlando

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The Simpsons are a beloved animated series and the best bites in Springfield at Universal Studios Orlando bring the Simpsons experience off the screen and into the real world.

Have you ever wanted to enjoy an ice-cold Duff at Moe’s Tavern? At Universal Studios Orlando, the best bites in Springfield are waiting to be enjoyed. With so many options on the table, you could have breakfast, lunch and dinner with a Simpsons theme.

Even though many people might run for another Butterbeer as soon as they enter the theme park, the Simpsons area, aka Springfield, is just as busy at Universal Orlando. Walking down the main street, all the iconic characters and shops line the path. From the Lard Lard Donuts to Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck, it is as if the animated world came to life.

While everyone always has their favorite treats, a few items are the best bites in Springfield or some of the most iconic, must have items when visiting the Universal Orlando theme park. Even if you have eaten your way through the theme park, do not miss these treats.

Here are FoodSided’s must have, best bites in Springfield at Universal Studios Orlando.

Duff Beer

Have you ever wondered what a Duff beer actually tastes like? Available at the Duff Beer Garden as well as inside Moe’s Tavern, Duff Beer is a specialty, locally brewed beer just for Universal Orlando. Available both in a lager and an amber, the beer is flavorful and refreshing on a hot day.

If you have to choose between the lager and the amber, opt for the amber beer. The caramel notes have touch of sweetness without making the beer too heavy. Whether drunk on its own or paired with a meal, it is delicious.

Flaming Moe

Probably one of the best Instagram shots in Springfield is the Flaming Moe. As the “smoke” rises and the bubbles entice from that glass, you wonder what concoction awaits.

The Flaming Moe is a citrus drink. It is non-alcoholic, so everyone can enjoy one of these treats. Although some people have recreated one at home, there is nothing better than enjoying one at the bar inside Moe’s Tavern. And, if the phone on the bar rings, you should answer it.

Lard Lard Donuts

Even though Voodoo Doughnuts beckons at City Walk, the iconic Lard Lard Donuts in Springfield are a must try. While the Lard Lard offers donut sundaes and other donut-inspired treats, the classic, gigantic pink frosted donut is a must. That huge donut is big enough to share with friends (although we will not judge if you finish it all on your own.)

BubbleBee Food Truck

When you hear that horn, you might start craving some Mexican food. At the Bumblebee Food Truck, there are a variety of Mexican street food inspired dishes. From tacos to nachos, all the items are flavor forward, big portions and reasonably priced.

These food options are just a few suggestions from the many items available in Springfield at Universal Orlando. Whether you choose to stop at Luigi’s Pizza or just grab a gigantic turkey leg at one of the kiosks, Springfield has many food choices that make Simpsons fans think that they have stepped into that animated world.

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What are your recommended best bites in Springfield? What theme park foods are your favorites?